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12/14 /22

1. Learning Stuff

2. US History and Political Economy

3. US Presidents

4. Course Video Lectures

5. Documentary Films

6. Political Economy

7. Career Assistance

8. What You Should Know About

20th Century US Political Economy


21st Century Geopolitical Options

1-Page Academic Studies

1-Page Accounting

1-Page Economics

1-Page Economic Growth

1-Page Political Economy

1-Page US Wars

10 Tough Presidential Decisions

50 Reasons Life is Better

A Tale of Two Tales

Accounting Internet Library

Algebra Internet Library

Algebra Course Materials

Algebra Advanced Study Aid

Pre Algebra Textbook with
Additional Practice Problems 1
Additional Practice Problems 2
Eight 2-page Reviews with

American Dynasty  
Aristocracy, Fortune, Politics of Deceit
 in the House of Bush
Plus a look at Bush 2's difference
 making appointments.

 by Kevin Phillips
, 6p

American Nations
11 Competing American Nations Remain

See Author's
You Tube stuff

Behavioral Science Statistics and Problems

American Authors
American Presidents

Modern Political Analysis
Political Economy Leaders
U.S. Colonial Political Leaders

Biology 1 of 40 Crash Course

Book Summaries Political Economy

Books Using the Quick Notes Systems

Business Course Materials
e-books  Calculus

Business Law Internet Library

Calculus Videos Capitalism

Capitalism of Adam Smith
Modern Capitalism
Criticism of Modern Capitalism
Other Economic Systems

Career Assistance

Career Basics
Executive Summary
Career Path Options
Education and Income
Education and Careers
Basics Handbook
Earnings No Degree

Career Growth
Self Improvement

Geekability for Success

Personal Advancement
Overcome Negativity Bias
 Meeting People
Understanding Media Negativity TOFEL
AP, SAT Test Prep Chemistry

Christianity, Concise History
Luther's American Legacy

Civility in America

Classic Novels

 Computers Books-Business
Computer Books-Technical
Business Software
C++ Internet Library
Excel Instructions

Excel Statistics Lab Manual
Software Tutorials

TI-84 Internet Library
Word Internet Library

Constitution, US

 Constitutional History of US Federalist Republic
 Magna Carta to Trump's Impeachments
  Constitutional History of the US
from Jamestown to Selma, Alabama
Coding Law and the Financial Crisis

 U.S. Government and Politics Course

Conservatism vs. Progressivism

Media Hysteria?

COVID 19 Thought Experiment
Covid-19 Trails Pandemics of 1918, 1957, 1967

Covid-19 Quick Notes
Concise History
Economic Recovery Planning

Media Caused Hysteria?
COVID 19 Thought Experiment
What Comes Next
MLB Study And The Lockdown Dilemma podcast
Paul Romer-Change in Approach podcast

Criminal Justice Internet Library

errorism Internet Library
War on Terror
Recent History of Crime in America

Gun Violence Affects Police

Democracies Die, How
The Road to Unfreedom

Diets, Healthy

Dollar Privilege


1-Page Economics Econ 101 Course Material
12 Rrecent Economic Recessions
Banking, US History of
Economics Internet Library
Economic Wellbeing

Law Coding and Financial Crisis
 Look Out the Window
Microeconomics Courses
Post WW 2 US Economics

Post WW 2 World Economics 2
Recession: Great in Perspective

Socialism, History of
Teacher Resources
Trade, Free Analysis of

Economics, Current
Political Issues
Presidential Issue

Economics, Long-Term
 Question and Issues

2017 Economic Report of the President
2019 Economic Report of the President


Improvement Theory
Historical Observations Confucius-FDR-Summers
Education Improvement Internet Library
Education Improvement Ideas

Education Manifesto Developed Around the World.

A Plan
1. Community, Parents, Students Prioritize Goals
2. Structural Changes to Meet Goals
3. Adopt Individualized Curriculum
4. Determine Accountability

Editor Comments
Earnings No Degree
Education Affects Income

Education Internet Library
Education Video Supplements

Education and Manufacturing
Education Analysis
Post Secondary Recommendations

Education-Ten Commandments

Educating the Class of 2039

20th Century Education

History of American Education
Self Education Sites

Advise from 20th Century Leaders  Churchill-Murray-Greenspan

Education Statistics

Fake News
A. Unintended Fake News Explored

# 1 Claiming Trumpisms are Lies
Trump Just Doesn't Understand

He said Unemployment was "42%"
Visit this Warning and Learns Why

Education Fake News
#2 U.S. Education Failures Continue

Test Scores Stagnates
We are Falling as some countries score higher.
Education is the Answer

Visit this Warning and Learns How/Why

Political Economy Fake News
Quantitative Misrepresentations from
Some Media, Economist, Politicians
#3 Wages Stagnant
#5 Low Retirement Savings Plague Seniors

#6 National Debt is a Catastrophe
#7 Income Inequality

 Is COVID-19 Media Caused Hysteria!

Boston Sports
#9 Curse of the Bambino
 Belichick's Failed at Cleveland With a 36–44 Record
#11 Bill's Famous 4th & 2 Indianapolis Decision on the 29 yard line


B. Intended Fake News
A Modern Name for Yellow Journalism and Propaganda
provided Fodder for Media, Politicians Think-tanks.

C. Recognizing Unbiased News
Look for a date, author, data source, logical facts,
 internet domain, writing style...

D. Real News Becoming Fake News
Solved Issues are No Longer News

Russian Election Meddling Known, Solution Analysis is Now News,

 Trump's Connection Speculation is Fake News



Financial Crisis Course Materials

Foreign Languages
Learning English Video Lectures

FDR-Presidential Courage
Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor

Gag Rule

21st Century Geopolitical Turmoil
Storm Before the Calm

Geopolitics Internet Library

Geopolitics of 20th Century Wars
Post WW 2 International Economic Adjustments
1. Global Economic Growth and the Rise of Populism

U.S. Russia, China, Rivals, Adversaries, Enemies

Rivals Play by the Same Rules,
Adversaries Have No Rules,
Enemies Fight
3. Understanding China

4. Creating a New Geopolitical Order

21st Century Geopolitical Options

success requires implementation of a Grand Strategy
GZERO Worldwide Threat Assessment

7. Top 2020 Geopolitical Risks 2p
. Wars, Geopolitics of
Global Populisms and Their Challenges:
the threat and potential solutions for the rise of global populism.
Anna Grzymala-Busse, Didi Kuo, Francis Fukuyama and Michael McFaul

10. Lost Hegemony?

International Greatness
Economic Greatness
On Grand Strategy
Two Great American Intellects: Vidal and Chomsky

Green New Deal:
 Blue Print
Using Climate Policy to Address Inequality
Government and Politics Course, US Grade Importance

Globalization really started 1,000 years ago  

Thanks to Experts:
 Mark Blyth, Adam Tooze, Francis Fukuyama
Steve LeVine, Samir Gandesha
, Michael Sandel, Peter_Zeihan


Health and Lifestyle
Health Literacy for teens
Healthy Skin

Medical Assisting
See Medicare vs. Medicaid

Health-Political Correctness
Fragile Millennial' Epidemic

What Being An "ALPHA MALE" REALLY Means

Homework Help

Human Rights


International Trade





Law Coding and the Financial Crisis


English Video Lectures

Skills Development
Virtual Learning
Language Arts, Lit

 Luther's American Legacy

Mathematic Resources

Medicare Part D reform:
Who wins and who loses?

Meeting People


The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America



Political Economy
Internet Library
Book Summaries

Prelude: Western Civilization Economic History

1. Basics
Political Economy Basics

Political Economy Handbook
Government and Politics Course
Political Economy Course

2. History

US Constitutional History
Magna Carte to Trump's SC Battle

Constitutional History of the US
From Jamestown to Selma, Alabama

Coding Law and 2008 Financial Crisis
How the Law Created Wealth

American History 1619-1973
Political Eras 1788-2019
Presidential Elections 1788 -2016
US Political Economy Cycles



Psychology Library
Psychology Videos

Psychology: Crash Course 41 videos

Quick Notes Free Internet Books



 Luther's American Legacy
     Growth of Religious Toleration
Freedom of Religion Began in 1636

Dante's Journey Through Hell
Religious Sites

Research Paper Library


Six Sigma

Socialism A Concise History
Socialism-What You Should Know About




Statistics, Internat Library
Statistics Textbooks
 pdf version

Excel Statistics Lab Manual
Statistics Problems/Solutions
Additional Problems/Answers

Strategy, On Grand

Subject Course Resources





Tax Changes for a Post COVID America
Taxing The Rich
The Law Coding and the Financial Crisis

Test Reviews




Test Prep
AP, SAT Test Prep

Choosing a College/Major

Importance of Grades

Passing Math Test\

Teacher Resources

Economics Resources
Excel for Educators
Teacher Stuff
Reflections of a Lifelong Teacher 


Terrorism Internet Library
Our War On Terror
Terror Episodes Since 1900

Terrorism Against the West 1970-2017
U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900
Terrorism Against the West 1975-2015

Middle East Basics

A Concise History of Christianity
40 Maps Explain the Middle East
Middle East Facts
The Middle East: the way it is and why
Middle East Conflict in 11 minute video

Iran 20th Century
Iraq 20th Century Iraq
Islamic Fundamentalist

Brookings Institution
50-Years Legacies of1967 War
50 Years: Video Legacies of the 1967 War
The 1967 War Podcast 57 min

TI-84 Instructions


Is he trying to increase Current US
Economic Wellbeing

Economic Greatness at the Expense of US
International Greatness?

Why Trump Won      Follow the Money   

United States
Political Economy Basics
Our Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic
Constitutional History
History Course 1900-2004
Political Economic

Virtual Learning

War on Terror



Accounting I and 2 Videos
Accounting, Managerial

Algebra Videos, Pre
Algebra Videos

Calculus, 1, 2, & 3
Computer and Math Videos

Economics, 1 & 2
Economic Thought, History of

Economics. Environmental

Educational Audio, Videos

Financial Crisis Videos

Market System Capitalism

Political Economy
Political Economy, Current

Trump/Russia: Follow the money
Secrets, Spies, and Useful Idiots
Russia Moscow Rules

Psychology 101 Videos

Important Videos
TI-84 Video Instructions
Time Value of Money

Statistics Videos

Behavioral Science Statistics
Social Sciences Statistics
  Using Excel

Using Minitab
Using TI-84
Excel Statistics loads into any software

Excel Research Project


Gun Violence Affects Police
Crime and Drugs in America


Virtual Learning internet Library

US Economic Wellbeing
Wage Stagnation Causes
Wage Stagnation Solutions

Western Civilization
Wealth Tax

Writing Courses, Free
Free Online Writing & Journalism Courses
The Craft of Writing Effectively: Essential Lessons from the Longtime Director of U
Chicago’s Writing Program

10 Writing Tips from Legendary Writing Teacher William Zinsser
Martin Amis Explains His Method for Writing Great Sentences
Jane Austen Used Pins to Edit Her Manuscripts: Before the Word
Processor & White-Out

Google & Coursera Launch Career Certificates That Prepare

 Students for Jobs in 6 Months:


1. Learning Stuff

Subject Resources
Teacher Resources

2. US History and Political Economy

Part 1 Turning Points:

1. Colonial Period

2 Growing a Democracy
3. Growing a Nation
4. Protecting a Divided Nation

Part 2 Our Growing Constitution
  Constitutional History of the US
from Jamestown to Selma, Alabama

Building 1619-1803
Constitutional History of the United States

Governing 1773-1971
Governing Our Capitalistic Democratic Federal National Republic
Developing Constitutions 1215-2022
Carta to Trump's Impeachments

Part 3 America at War
Indian Wars: A History
Wars, Cost of
Wars, Geopolitics of

Military Battles. Obscure

Mexican-American War 1846-48 video
Spanish-American War 1898 video
Philippine–American War

Part 4 Recent Analysis
Conservatism vs. Progressivism

American Dynasty 6p
Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit
 in the House of Bush
Kevin Phillips

Democracies Die, How
What History Reveals About Our Future
from Steven Levitsky, Daniel Ziblatt 6p, 4 videos

Geopolitical Summaries of recent issues 2-4p

Politics in Our Democratic Capitalist Federalist Republic
Conservative, Liberal, and Libertarian Philosophies 1/20/20

Second Chance 
Three Presidents and the
Crisis of America Superpower,  by Z. Brzezinsk 

Coding Law and the 2008 Financial Crisis
How the Law Created Wealth

Part 5 Good and Bad Times

Prelude: US Political Economy Cycles
Political Cycles 1896-2019

Recession, Great
Recession-Great: Historical Perspective
Recessions, Most Severe US

October 1918: America’s Deadliest Month
Decades Chronology
Decade Evaluations
Decade Ranking

Decades Ranked by Problems

Major Events
20th Century Top Generational Events
COVID19 A Concise History

US History 1900-2016
US Economic History 1900-2017
20th Century US Political Economy


Part 6 Sundry Problems
Economic Growth

Political Conventions-
Racism in America
Seat Belt Laws
Slavery and Anglo American Capitalism Revisit
Socialism: A Concise History
US History
Taxing the Rich
Capitalism Not to Blame for Middle-Class Plight
Will Inflation/Growth Solve the Deficit Problem?
Will Debt Bring Down U.S. Capitalism?

3. US Presidents
Prelude: Modern Western Civilization Economic History

Index   Biographies    Analyzing US President   

Rating Presidents     US Politics
Biographies Internet Library
American Authors
American Presidents
US Colonial Political Leaders
World Political Economy Leaders
World Political Leaders Analysis
Modern Analysis of Political Leader

Analyzing Presidents
Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989
M. Beschlos

1. G. Washington
voters unhappy with the Jay Treaty and Taxes
2. J. Adams
avoided a Quasi-War with France costing reelection.
A. Jackson
took On Eastern Oligarchs to Serve Rural America.
A. Lincoln
required freeing slaves to save the Union.
T. Roosevelt
took on corporate RR trusts for consumer/farmers.
6. FDR
unpopular stance of planning for war but still reelected.

push school integration despite potential political opposition.

R. Reagan
deficits hastened the end of the Cold War.

Rating Presidents

C-SPAN Ranking the U.S. Presidents 3 min video
The Presidents web page
Topic Videos 93 min video
4 Presidential Policies Destroying a Nation
Military Decisions Adams to Obama
Pass/Fail Analysis of 20th Century Presidents
Historians Judge Our Presidents
10-Worst Presidents
America's Democratic Imperialism
Independent Investigations

Crimes of Post WW 2 Presidents
Two Great American Intellects:
Gore Vidal and Noam Chomsky


Our Democratic Federalist Republic
Political Economy Book Summaries
Founding Fathers On Political Parties

U.S. Government and Politics Course

4. Course Video Lectures

Accounting I and 2 Videos
Accounting, Managerial

Algebra Videos, Pre
Algebra Videos

Calculus, 1, 2,  3
Math and Computer Videos

Economics, 1 & 2
Economic Thought, History of

Economics, Environmental

Educational Audio, Videos

Financial Crisis Videos

Market System Capitalism

Political Economy Political Economy
Political Economy, Current

Psychology 101 Videos
Psychology: Crash Course 41 videos

Statistics Intro
Behavioral Science Statistics
Social Sciences Statistics

Using Excel
Using Minitab

Using TI-84

5. Documentary Film

Documents in Law,
History, Diplomacy

Political Eras, Cycles, and Change

Political Eras 1788-2016 Era Overview and Major Events

6/7 Political Cycles 1896-2020 Gilden Age Populism to Trump Populism

Trump's New Political Era? Three independent Disruptions

President's Election/Contributions 1788 - 2012

1788-1824   1828-1852   
1856-1892  1896-1928    1932-1972    1976-2012 

Political Economy Book Summaries

Preface: Politics in Our Democratic Capitalist Federalist Republic

Conservative, Liberal, and Libertarian Philosophies 1/20/20

On Grand Strategy 2p
The processes and complexities of devising grand strategies
applied to U.S. Presidents
 from Washington to Trump 2p

1. Panorama of American History
Don't Know Much About History by K. Davis 10p
Everything You Need To Know About American History But Never Learned

Turning Points in American History 10p
Outline of a Great Course Audio covers 400 years

American Nations by Colin Woodard 2p
From the utopian "Yankeedom" to the conservative "Greater Appalachia"
and liberal "Left Coast," examines cultural 
differences sheds light on
America's political and cultural divides
and help to
understand how distinct identities and values are slowly becoming more united.

Generations and The Fourth Turning 2p
by W. Strauss and N. Howe

Biographies Edited by Walter
American:  Authors, Presidents and Colonial Politics Leaders
World Political Economy Leaders


2. Presidents
Presidential Courage 8p
Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989 by M. Beschloss


Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power 2012  Jon Meacham 8p

Presidents: Hover Institute Policy Education  

3. Analysis

Geopolitical Summaries of recent studies

American Dynasty 6p
Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush

K Phillips

Welcome the Hackocracy a look at Bush 2's
difference making appointments


Second Chance Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower by Z. Brzezinsk   6p


Exorbitant Dollar Privilege History, a Weapon. Continuation 2p each

How Democracies Die What History Reveals About Our Future
from Steven Levitsky,
 Daniel Ziblatt 6p, 4 videos


Political Economy of the United States 1619-2019 Anthology of 2-6p


World Political Leaders Modern analysis of Political Leaders

4. Political History

Part 1 1788-1864

Military Decisions Adams to Obama

Who Are We of We the People?

Part 2 1865-1900

Who Protects Unalienable 1866 Rights of Whom?

The 1870's Take Away Unalienable Rights

Part 3 1900-1945 and 1945-2015

Post WW2 World Economic Adjustments

Geopolitics of 20th Century Wars

Concise US History 1900-200

US Economic History 1900-2017


Geopolitics Liberal Democracy Faces Peril

Political Economy
The Good and the Bad

Ranking Recent Political Cycles

Ranking Recent Decades

How Democracies Die

Economic Wellbeing

What You Should Know About

Global Growth and Rise Populism

Political Economy Library

US Political Economy 1619-2019

Conservatism vs. Progressivism

Dueling Populism.

The Shaping America's Politics

1-10 Code of Capital 3

 2-10 Conservatism vs. Progressivism 8

3-10 American Nations 2p

4-10 On Grand Strategy 2

5-10 Presidential Courage 9

6-10 ConstitutionaHistory 7

7-10 Contested Elections 2

8-10 How Democracies Die 5

9-10 Storm Before the Calm 2

10-10 Turning Points-American History 9

More Summaries


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