Environmental Economics Videos
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EEP 100 Environment Economics and Policy, UC Berkeley, Dr David Zetland

1 Introduction to environmental economics and the political economy

2 Guest lecture by Claire Tompkins (Stanford Phd) on water markets, options and trading
3 Guest lecture by Damian Bickett (UC Berkeley PhD Candidate) on public transport
4 Review of guest lectures and discussion/experiment (fishing game-tragedy of commons); power (political economy); theory v. reality v. empirics
5 Statics/dynamics (recap), math vs. economics, supply and demand; elasticity and constrained optimization
6 Markets, missing markets, no markets; elasticity; inverse demand; dead weight loss; indifference curves; constrained optimization; edgeworth box
7 Marginal rate of substitution vs. elasticity; Preferences to utility to demand; optimization hints; edgworth box; intro to production
8 Teach-in on the walk out, the production function, costs, profit maximization
9 Political economy, macroeconomics, optimal production (a correction), AC, MV and VC, profits, monopoly v. perfect competition
10 Transport, markets vs. bureaucracy, more on the walkout, math v. econ, utility, collective action, information (Hayek 44), incentives
11 Income elasticity, theory of the Firm (Coase 37), more on profits, cost accounting, cost benefit, opportunity costs
12 Transactions costs, market failure, private vs social costs, externalities, taxes and regulation, equilibrium, market power and government power
13 The economics of car donations; Lerner index; Monopsony; Bilateral Monopoly; price discrimination, two-sided market
14 MT format; Nobel prizes!; corporate social responsibility vs. profit max; price discrimination; DWL v. shadow values; property rights: pigovian tax; 
15 sunk costs; substatutionality;  real world vs. math; political economy (visible vs. invisible victims); redux;
16 Principal-agent; homoeconomicus vs US
17 Auctions (part 1); principal-agents (part 2)(CRS)
18 lobbying auctions; principal-agent
19 Auction update; two-sided markets; Baptists and bootlegging
20 PAB; risk v. uncertainty; ludic v. conflict game theory; California water bill
21 Incomplete contracts, game theory, prisoners dilemma (simultaneous game), sequential games, imperfect  information, mixed strategies, nature
22 Guest lecture by Ties Rijcken on Dutch infrastructure and the struggle of competing interests
23 GIT Risk Cournot, Stackelberg, and Bertrand competitions
24 Extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation; discounting (financial and social); CBA vs BCA;
25 CBA 2; Climate change -- politics, collective action, who pays, and climategate;
26 Peer-grading as a collective action problem/cooperation; evolutionary psychology; bounded rationality, risk aversion
27 decisions on the margin vs block grants; monopolies are GOOD for conservation
28 Review session; cookies as bribes; strategy in a public goods game; altruism; book reviews; Schelling; risk aversion; perfect/complete information

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