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Fake News Internet Library 11/2/18
When Professionals Provide Inadequate Information

What is Fake News

4 Important Fake News Concerns

1. Politics       
# 1 Claiming Trumpisms are Lies
Trump Just Doesn't Understand

“Fifty Times Last Original Number NO WAY!” Trump's
He claimed Actual Unemployment was "42%"
Visit this Warning and Learns Why

2. Education
U.S. Education Failures Continue

#2. Test Scores Stagnates
#3. We are Falling as some countries score higher
#4. Education is the Answer

Visit this Warning and Learns How/WhyWhy

3.Political Economy
Quantitative Misrepresentations of
Most: Media, Economist, Politicians

#5 Wages Continue to Stagnate

#6 National Debt is a Catastrophe

#7 Income Stagnation Continues

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4. Boston Sports
Incorrectly, Fake News Reports

#10 Belichick's Failed at Cleveland With a 36–44 Record

#9 Curse of the Bambino

#10 Bill's Famous 4th and 2 Indianapolis Decision on the 29 yard line

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See: Media Negativity 4 min video

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