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 Media Keeps Recycling Incorrect Assumptions  

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Fake News: U.S. Falling Behind Other Countries

  1. Standardized Tests Have More Flaws than Just bias.

2. Massachusetts, Our Best PISA 2012 State, Scored Poorly in Mathematics, Or Did They?

3. Exam Schools make little higher education academic difference 


Fake News: Test Scores Stagnate

1. U.S. Long Term Testing Results have been constant over 40 years

2. Andrew Hacker Debates Value of Math for Everyone

3. Mark Cuban Takes on Obama and Trump.

Fake News: Education is the Answer

1. Investing in Education pays for a Talented Minority

2. World Changed and Good jobs Disappeared
learning helps fewer and fewer

“knowledge and skills to compete in the global economy.”
are primary objective of schooling.
Alfie Kohn review of Amanda_Ripley's new book,
The Smartest Kids in the World and How They Got That Way” 


Editor's Thoughts

Individualized Curriculum 
are directed toward a student's Special Intelligence
their above average abilities

It is based on multiple intelligences:
Mathematical, Spatial, Bodily Movement, Musical, Verbal, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal.
Curriculum should maximize special intelligence.
Confidence provided increases future success.

Implementation Goals

Local Community Prioritize Goals

Laboratories of Democracy approach

Tech-Based Education approach

Educating the Class of 2036