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Political Economy
Bias Quantitative Information from
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Fake News: National Debt a Catastrophe
Oligarchs .i.e. Politicians/Media
Use National Debt to Control Constituents
 Learn Why What We Buy,
Not Amount Borrowed,
 Is Important

35 Minute Video Explores 8 Points

1. How Do We Pay for It  located at 319

2. Watch Politicians/Media Control Us located 500

3. "Debt is Not Sustainable" is the Propaganda located 755

4. China's Owning Our Debt is a Negative located 2000

5. Should We Pay It? located 2540

6. Possible Inflation, Not Going Broke is the Problem  located 3500

7. The Bottom Line  located 3808

8. Other Considerations   located 4100

Editor's Note: This Talk Similar to My 1970 Lecture
 taken from My McConnell Economic Textbook

Question: Is the Economics Profession and National Media
 Responsible to Educate on Important Economic Questions?

Incorrectly, Fake News Also Reports

Wages Continue to Stagnate

Income Stagnation Continues
Inflation Measures Misdirect Policy
 Media Doesn't Understand
Economists Follow Their Prejudice


Debunking the Deficit Myth   10 min version

Debunking the Deficit Myth 35 min version

Debunking the Deficit Myth 75 min version

 the For The Economics See

Stephanie Kelton: Modern Monetary Theory - MR Live - 9/26/17