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What is Fake News 11/4/18
When Professionals Provide Inadequate Information

When Professionals Provide Inadequate Information

“deliberate online falsehoods” are Lies, Not Fake News.

3 Reasons for Inadequate Information

Judgment Clouded by Prejudice For and Against

Subject Ignorance

Ease of Audience Acceptance


1. Prejudice for dominates
    education, economics, the military and politics

2. Ignorance dominates political correctness

3. Prejudice against dominates race relations

4. Poor Data Analysis prejudice and technique


Most Harmful Applications

1. Politics

2. Education

3. Economics

4. Political Correctness

5. Sports

Most Dangerous Examples:

1. Politics dominated by
excessive personality traits over policy.

2. Education dominated by
high academic achievement.

3. Economics dominated by
need for legitimacy

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