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Evaluating American Education

Prelude: Some schools are doing a good job with Individualized Curriculum where teachers manage rather than lecture.
Our memory-based testing system should change to a 21st Century Tech-based education system.

Education Manifesto


Changing Education Paradigms

 How To Help Every Child Fulfill Their Potential and Speech
videos are from Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce

Human Capital and the Role of Education  20 min.
University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa

Public Education

Homework an Unnecessary Evil Surprising Findings

Don't blame Kids For Not Enjoy School a Study Suggests

The Long Shadow of Race, Class and Privilege in Baltimore 1 of 5
by Karl L. Alexander  Johns Hopkins University

A Statistician's Analysis of IQ, Heredity and Education


Massachusetts, Our Best PISA 2012 State,
Scored Poorly in Mathematics, Or Did They?

Higher Education

American Higher Education Turned False Promise

America's Most Overrated Product-Higher Education
from Marty Nemko

2014 Class Continues Underemployment Trend

Debt Causes Significant Number of Millennials
Regret Going to College

Is Financial Aid Welfare?

Media, Political, and
Educator Misrepresentations

Were Number Umpteenth the Myth of Lagging US Schools

Tests stay same, scores slightly up. tests get harder stagnate.

Five Bad Education Assumptions the Media Keeps Recycling

GED Doesn't Affect Employment and Earnings

Part One Opinions Matter

Preeminent Observations 
from Confucius to Summers

Current Leaders Advise
from Ten Experts

Part 2 Education Truths
Proposed Education
Axioms and Postulates

suggestions to

 Part 3 Education Must Adjust as the 
World Changed, Good Jobs Disappeared

Part 4 Implementation
Local Community Prioritizes Goals

Educating the Class of 2034
has many benefits

 Walter Antoniotti


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Tech Base, Real World, Activity Driven,
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German Education System



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Retired Educator Thoughts

Tracking Helps High-Ability
Minority Students

Disruptive Students Hurt Peers

Andrew Hacker Debates Value of Math for Everyone

The Long Debate 

Education Economics

Pearson Rakes in Profits

Colleges Are Engines of Upward Mobility

Economics of Education 25 min.

Economics of College Education

Head Start Accomplishments

Geekability is Important for Success


We must maximize the minimum for students with average Special Intelligence, i.e. that which they do well.

We must maximize the maximum for students with really high specially intelligence. 

We also must minimize the maximum regret-dropouts must be lowered. Please Share!

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