Education Plan Step One
Local Community Determine Goals

6 Possible Education Goals

from Education for Our Capitalistic, Democratic Federalist Republic A Proposed Education Manifesto

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1. Improve HS Graduation Rate




4. Maximize College Acceptance

5. Track Students by Ability
      Use a feeder school approach as courses get more difficult
      Allow better students to tutor average students
Stand and Delivery and Garfield_H.S .Placement

6. Community Determines Curriculum Content

7. Curriculum Based on What a Student Does Well
Maximize the minimum for special intelligence, what student does well
Maximize the maximum for students with really high specially intelligence 
Minimize the maximum regret by increasing graduate rates.

8. Guided by Bloom's Taxonomy

EDTRAININGCENTER Blog - Bloom's TaxonomyEDTRAININGCENTER Blog - Bloom's Taxonomy

Appropriate Rate Upward Varies from student to student.
Individualized Curriculum recommended.




9. Choose between Pedagogy or Andragogy example
Tech Base, Real World, Activity Driven, Question Oriented College Curriculum

Editor's Notes:
1) Students with high academic ability need to be treated as Texas  football players.
2) Student groups circled in red need an Individualized Curriculum.
3) Teachers need much more freedom to meet student diverse needs.
Here is one suggestion. Educating the Class of 2034.

Thanks!  walter

Chart Source: circle added by editor

2. Maximize Use of Free Internet Learning MaterialsT
      Free Courses , Textbooks, H.S. Textbooks,
      Quick Notes Textbooks, Quick Notes Course Materials,
      Reference Library

3. Use Publicly Accountable Charter Schools judged
    by the cost/benefits analysis to the community.

The Rght Way to Assess Charter Schools
     Exploring the Consequences of Charter School Expansion in U.S. Cities