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Quick Test-Taking Advise

3 Ways to Guess on Tests
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5 Easy Tips for Improving Your SAT Score


Improving Scores

Revision Ideas has free software
 to help learn the tough stuff.

SAT Preparation has extensive free quizzes to improve vocabulary.

SAT Question of the Day from the College Board Online

SAT Question of the Day
 from number2.com

Word of the Day  
vocabulary skill building from number2.com

100 most common SAT words - online quiz

Vocabulary practice for Sentence Completion, 
Analogies, Critical Reading

has free vocabulary help for standardized tests

Vocab Test.com  
has free vocabulary test for grades
 six through twelve.

Best College Reviews has Outstanding Materials


Avoid Common Mistakes

Getting lost on the way to the Test Center

Showing up late to the Test Center

Drinking too much right before taking the SAT


Advance Placement  Preparation

AP Reviews
for Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, Environmental Science, Government and Politics, History (European, U.S., & World), Physics, 
Preparing for the AP Exams
College Board
Universities' AP Credit Policies CB

Wiki Free AP Reviews

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Additional materials

AP Economics Home Page

Government and Politics
Statistics Tutorial, AP is free

US Government  
Mr. Koepping of Loswego High School

US , World, and European History Course Notes ...
from Advanced Placement History

Undergraduate Tests
SparkNotes Free Online Free Practice Tests for AP, SAT, etc
Online Test Page has free math drills by problem type and vocabulary.