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U.S. Political Economy

The Basics

Our Democratic Federalist Capitalist Republic

Building America's Democratic Federalist Republic
1. The Early Colonial Period
2. Determining Political Power and "We the People"
3. Increasing We" of "We the People"
4. Thomas Jefferson Leader of the Opposition

5. Constitutional History of Our
Democratic Federalist Republic

6. Thomas Jefferson Leader of the Opposition
7. Capitalistic Democracy Profitable Government

Political Economy Readings
Capitalistic Democracy



The Twenty Most Popular Books Throughout History

Visual Capitalist Provides Perspective With Great Visuals


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Political Economy Book Summaries

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Anthropology - a glossary of over 1700 terms related to anthropology.
Biological Anthropology Topics

Cultural Anthropology
Paleoanthropology, An Introduction

An On-Line Biology Book is 59 lecture outlines

Anatomy and Physiology of Animals

Anatomy, Gray's
Behavioral and Social Science Research  
Biology Pages "
Internet Library John W. Kimball, Harvard University
Biology, Red multiple authors, UMass Amherst, U of Missouri-St. Louis, Portland CC "
Botany Online: The
Cardiovascular Diseases, Understanding  
Chemistry of Health, The  
Child Health

Cells: Molecules and Mechanisms

Disaster Management
Diseases, Communicable
Diseases of Children in Subtropics and Tropics  
Dieters Internet Library
Emergency and Risk Management Case Studies
First Aid

Genes, Technology and PolicyEcotoxicologie
Health Education  
Health Encyclopedia  
Health and Lifestyle, Finding Information in
HIV and AIDS  
HIV Medicine
Human Nutrition

Human Physiology
Molecular Biology Web Book
Oncology, Radiation
Origin of Species by Charles Darwin, Then
Physiology, Human  
Statistical machine learning for computational biology
Statistics for health, life and social sciences

Health/Nursing        Please  
Obesity: Balanced Diets and Treatment
Occupational Health
Patent Care Coordination and Management  
Plastic Surgeons for Non-surgeons, Practical  
Public Health Textbook
Sexually Transmitted Infections

Safety, Health and Environmental Management, Integrated: An Introduction
Statistics for health, life and social sciences  
Surgical Care at the District Hospital  
Surgical Care at Regional Hospital

Women’s Medicine, The Global Library of


Biochemistry Garrett and Grisham
Cement in the Energy Industry, Portland
Chemistry, Concept Development Studies in

Chemistry, Frontiers in from Global Text Project 
Chemistry, Inorganic and Nano, Physical Methods in
Chemistry, Synthetic Strategies  
Chemistry Books  
Chem1 Virtual Textbook
introduces students to chemistry and acts as a basic chemistry reference.
Chemistry Internet Library
has free books and other stuff.
Hydrogen  from Connexions
Hydrogen Storage for Use as a Fuel Case Study, Methods of

College Witting and Composition
Basic Speller Student Materials
Spelling-Grammar Checker

Commonsense Composition

Free Writing
Research Paper Internet Library

College Writing handbook/textbook that is a complete reference to basic writing and AP style
Diversity and Difference in Communication
Etymology Dictionary
Rhetoric and Composition, Wikibooks
Technical Writing, Online
correspondence, resume design, audience analysis, writing process
Text and Discourse, New Introduction to the Study of
Global Text Project updated 2/24/15

Computers, Programming, Software, Other Collections
Basic Computing Using Windows from Wikibooks
Computer Science, A Balanced Introduction to Computer Science
Computers Work, How
Computer Simulation, Understanding
Computing Life
explores ways scientists, artists are computing life
Documentary Films, Technology

Digital Communication and Coding, Principles of Global Test Project
Electrical and Computer Engineering, A First Course from Connexions and Appendix Materials
Green Technical Strategies Green Technical Strategies, using computers and telecommunications 
History of Programming Languages Global Test Project
Information Systems: A managers Guide To Harnessing Technology 
Global Test Project
Information Systems
Law for Computing Students
Network applications, Technology and Implications 
Global Test Project
Networking for the Developing World, Wireless Global Test Project


Algorithms to Z-Scores: Probabilistic and Statistical Modeling in Computer, From
Design Programs How to
Free Open Source Software from UNDP
Game Programming Global Test Project
Logic, Digital
Global Test Project
Logic, An Introduction to Formal
Global Test Project

Musical Signal Processing with LabVIEW -- MIDI for Synthesis and Algorithm Control
NLP Concept (Neuro-Linguistic Programming Audio Course)
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with Action Script
Object-Oriented Programming, Principles of
Java syntax primer, glossary, problem and solution sets
Object-Oriented Programming, Principles of
from Connexions
3D Graphics with OpenGL from Connexions
Programming Fundamentals - A Modular Structured Approach using C++ from Connexions
Programming and Programming Concepts Using VB. NET, An Introduction to Global Test Project

Programming, lab view graphical

Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation
Programming, Mathematical Modeling, and Elementary Mechanics, A Computational Introduction to  
Programming Methodology from Connexions
Ada Programming
Java Programming from Wikibooks
Java, Introduction to Programming Using
Java Script for Browser Game Programming, Using
Java Programming  from Wikibooks
C++ Video Lectures
C# Programming  from Wikibooks
C++, 2e Volume 1, Thinking in and Programming Fundamentals: A Modular Structured Approach C++
Haskell from Wikibooks
Linear Complementarily, Linear and Non Linear Programming Global Test Project
Linux Documentation Project
Linux and Programming
Linux Programming, Advances
VB.NET, Introduction to Programming and Programming concepts, Using
x86 Disassembly from Wikibooks
XForms from Wikibooks
XML: Managing Data Exchange from Wikibooks

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro from Wikibooks
Producing Open Source Software: How to Run a Successful Free Software Project
Knoppix, Knowing
Software Engineering, The New Global Test Project
Microsoft Stuff
Essential Microsoft Office 2000
Essential Microsoft Office 2003 
Essentials of Office 2010  

Essential Microsoft Office XP
Excel Internet Library has free books and other stuff.
Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Introduction to Microsoft Windows XP 
Introduction to Microsoft Word 200

Microsoft Press : Free e-book: “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010
MS Vista Software/Hardware Compatibility Issues, A Technical Guide to
Word Internet Library from 21st Century Learning Products

Statistics Software

SPSS, TI-84, MiniTab, SAS, StataQuest, and Excel Video Tutorials
Excel, Quick Notes Statistics Course Using Microsoft TM books, homework, tests
SPSS to Understand Research and Data Analysis, Using
R Resource
s  from UCLA
SPSS Class Notes
from UCLA
Stata Class Notes from UCLA
SAS Resources 
from UCLA
from UCLA
from UCLA
rom UCLA

Packages, Other
Software, Free Business
from 21st Century Learning Products
Excel Internet Librar
y from 21st Century Learning Products

Other Collections of Computers and Programming Textbooks
Computer Books from Textbooks Revolution
Free Book
also has many computer/mathematic books.
also has many computer/mathematic books.
also has many computer/mathematic books.
also has many computer/mathematic books.
Free Business Software
Free Online Computer Science and Programming Books, Textbooks, and Lecture Notes
Free Programming Books from Apress

Free Programming Books from Apress
Free Programming Books from Apress
Free Programming Books from Apress
Free Software Tutorials
Free Tech has many free programming books. has many free programming books.
has many free programming books. has many free programming books.
Online Books in Computer Science
Programming and Computer Science Books
University of Alabama Computers Science Library
169 Programming E-Books
195-free-online-programing Books
660 Programming E-books at

Documentary Films

History     Politics          Religion       Technology

E-Learning Tools

Earth/Physical Science
Ecology, Applied from Wikibooks

Geography, Basic from Wikibooks
Oceanography in the 21st Century Global Test Project
Oceanography, Introduction to Global Test Project
Oceanography, Physical, Introduction to from Ocean World which provides free resources
Oceanography, Regional: An Introduction to Global Test Project
Simple Nature Physics for Engineering and Physical Science Students Introduction...calculus-base

Academic Administration, Finance and Management from Connexions

Blended Learning in K-12 from Wikibooks
Cognitive Psychology links

Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience from Wikibooks

Collaborative Learning and the Open Educational Resource Movement from Connexions
Computers in Education for Talented and Gifted Students
Counseling Theories, Faculty Use of Courseware to Teachfrom Connexions
Distance Education Contentt, Visual Design for
from Connexions 
Education for an Information Age, 2008 by Bernie Pool of the University of Pittsburgh
Education, Social and Cultural Foundations of American
Excel Stuff for Teachers and Administrators
Learning Theories from Wikibooks
OER, everything-you-need-to-know-about-oer-2011
Global Text
On-Line Education
from Connexions
Online Teaching and Learning, Promising Practice in 
from Connexions

Opening Up Education: The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, …

Social & Cultural Foundations of American Education
from Wikibooks from Wikibooks from Wikibooks
Teacher Education Course Materials,  FREE  Master of Arts in (International)
Technology into the Classroom, Integrating
Etymology Dictionary, Online
Grammar of English Grammars, The
Linguistics, How Language Works: The Cognitive Science of Linguistics
by Mike Gasser, Indiana University
Linguistics, Introduction to Text
from Global Text Project
Literature in Brief, USA
is a condensed version of The Outline of American literature.
Public Speaking, The Art of - Dale Carnegie

Reading, Writing, and Researching for History
from Bowdoin College
Text and Discourse, New Introduction to the Study of 
from Global Text Project  
Write Yourself a Scheme in 48 Hours
Zine Making from Wikibooks

Visual Capitalist has more Great Insight


One of the important traits shared by every book on this list is the controversy that has swirled around each of them. This can be seen across different time periods and genres.

People have questioned the identity and authorial authenticity of Homer and decried the upending of creationism proposed by Darwin. Even a children’s book like the modern bestselling series, Harry Potter, can be a magnet for discussion over what is morally right and wrong.

It is often the case the that most popular and enduring literary works will not only captivate, but also address controversial issues in such a way that people will be talking about them for generations.


The recent bestselling streak of George Orwell’s 1984, first published in 1950, is an interesting illustration of this trend.

The dystopian novel was banned upon its translation and release in the former USSR due to its implicit critique of Stalinist political ideology. By contrast, in the 1970s and 1980s, several American counties challenged 1984 on the grounds that it might promote communist ideals. In the 21st century, Orwell’s best-known work has been revisited by a new generation of readers as the American political climate continues to create new uncertainties about governance, the distortion of facts, and social control.

Best Selling Books for The 2nd Week of February 2017.

Web 2:0, Tools in Education: A Quick Guide  
History/Political Science

Building America's Democratic Federalist Republic from Quick Notes
US Political Economy
Building America's Democratic Federalist
Capitalist Republic 1619 to 1973

US Economic History 1900-2017 20th Century Decade Evaluation1900-2004
Sources Turning Points in American History Summary and
Presidential Courage Summary

A Comprehensive Outline of World History
Amazing Ancient World Of Western Civilization The
American Dynasty Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush, Kevin Phillips
American History From Pre-Columbian to the New Millennium is an extensive collection of free history books
Basic Political Concepts
from Global Text Project

Books, Free from the history blog

Chinese History, Topics in Premodern by Gregory Smits, Penn State University
Constitution and Government, UK

Current Events Internet Library 

Documentary Films, History
Documentary Films, Politics

Don't  Know Much about History 
Everything You Need To Know About American History But Never Learned
from Wikibooks
European History 
from Wikibooks

Europe in Retrospect
offers a brief history of the past 200 years.
Federal Science Policy from the New Deal to the Present, A History of from Connexions
French Revolution, The
Learning Space
History Internet Library is a  free collection of learning materials.
History Sourcebook from Fordham University
Holocaust, The
from Learning Space
Internet (Search Skills) for History

Jerusalem Problem: The Struggle for Permanent Status, The
Kings and Queens of England
from Wikibooks
New Zealand History
from Wikibooks
Politics, Thinking About: American Government in Associational Perspective by Paul F. deLespinasse
Presidential Courage Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989, M. Beschloss
Reading, Writing, and Researching for History from Bowdoin College
Second Chance
a 6 page summary Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower, Z. Brzezinski
Teacher Sourcebook, Our Documents
Teaching with Documents
Thinking About Politics: American Government in Associational Perspective
UK Constitution and Government from Wikibooks
US History since 1877

U.S. History
from Wikibooks


U.S. Political Economy

G. Washington created Executive Privilege

J. Adams avoided a Quasi-War with France
which cost him reelection.

A. Jackson
took on eastern bankers because he felt it had excessive power over farmers.

A. Lincoln required freeing the slaves
as a condition of saving the Union.

T. Roosevelt took on corporate monopoly RR trusts
to protect small towns, farms and consumers from high prices.

took the unpopular stance of planning for war
but still managed a third term and then a fourth term.

HT quickly recognize the new sate of Israel
in the face of pressure from all sides.

continued to push school integration
despite potential political pressures.

RR hastened the end of the Cold War
with massive deficit spending.

More Stuff

Election Issues 2016
U.S. Economic History
US Economic Normality 1945-2015  page 2
Great Recession 1p or 3 p
Severe Recessions 2p 
History of US Banking
Recent Decades Ranked by Problems 2p
20th Century Decade Evaluation 10p
5 Decades Problems
1p is Under Construction




100 Best Blogs for Journalism Students
Handbook of Independent Journalism

Law for Computing Students
Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Information Economy
Unified Theory of a Law, A
Arizona Education Law Review: Gary Emanuel, Northern Arizona University
Copyright for Librarians
Social Responsibility: The relation between law and education

from ebook lobby has an extensive of law e-books

Music Fundamentals 1: Pitch and Major Scales and Keys
from Towson University and Connexions
Music Fundamentals 2: Rhythm and Meter from Towson University and Connexions
Music Fundamentals 3: Minor Scales and Keys
from Towson University and Connexions
Music Fundamentals 4: Intervals
from Towson University and Connexions
Music Fundamentals 5: Triads, Chords, Introduction to Roman Numerals
from Towson University and  Connexions
Music, The Basic Elements of

Music Theory, Understanding Basic , from Connexions
Noisy Learning: Loud but Fun Music Education Activities from Connexions

Perception of Music from Connexions

Sound Reasoning Introductory Music course A. Brandt, Rice University
from Connexions

Miscellaneous Varied issues from our best thinkers.. Varied Speeches, discussions, interviews and debates Speeches from the Technology, Entertainment, Design  Intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues  open courseware collections, podcasts and videos. OEducational videos, podcasts and ebooks on science, technology, math and business.



Free Textbooks

High School

College Business

College Arts and Science

 Quick Notes Free Books


Business  e-books

Online Books Search Engines

Free Course Materials

Free Courses

Blended Learning in K-12

Classics in the History of Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Science from Stanford University
Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience  
Cultural-Historical Psychology from Wiki
Dreams, The Interpretation of by Sigmund Freud
EBOOKEE has a nice collection of Psychology e-book
Emotions, Feelings and Thoughts, The Psychology of  
Excel, Statistics Course Using books, homework, tests.
Groups and Teamwork The Open University
Individual Differences, The Making of Learning Space

Hierarchy of Needs
Learning Theories from Wiki
Lucid Dreaming
from Wikibooks

Mental Health, Challenging Ideas The Open University
Mental Health Practice The Open University

Personality Books Archadia University
Psychiatric Disorders Handbook from Merk
Psychology, A Student Friendly Approach *
Psychology in the 21st Century
The Open University

Psychology, Introduction to from Wikibooks 

Psychology Encyclopedia Jacksonville S. U.
Religious Experience, The Variety of
by William James
Psychology Books from Many Books
Social Psychology from Wikibooks
Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Apps. Intro. SPSS. 

Free e-books on applying psychology   *(custom copyright)

More Psychology ebooks

Psychology Using Statistics Software                       Please  
Psychological Statistics is designed for Minitab.
Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Apps. Intro. uses SPSS. 
SPSS, TI-84, MiniTab, SAS, StataQuest, and Excel Video Tutorials

SPSS, Quick Notes Statistics Course Using  free books, homework, and tests.
From Wiki Education NIMH Internet Publications
Foundations of Psychology
Philosophy & psychology
Psychometric assessment
Statistics & mathematics
Cognitive & experimental psychology
Comparative psychology
Biological psychology
Language & communication
Developmental psychology



Applied Psychology
Social psychology
Individual differences

Clinical psychology & psychotherapy
Educational psychology
Industrial & organizational psychology
Transpersonal psychology
Other specialist fields of psychology
World psychology
Professional items


ADHD) (4 Items)
Anxiety Disorders (8 Items)

Autism (1 Item)
Bipolar Disorder (5 Items) 
Borderline Personality Disorder (1 Item)

Depression (10 Items)

Eating Disorders (1 Item)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (2 Items)
(OCD) and (3 Items)

Panic Disorder (2 Items)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (7 Items)

Schizophrenia (2 Items)

Social Phobia (2 Items)

Public Speaking
Advanced Public Speaking -
Public Speaking Study Guide
Public Speaking, Art of
- Dale Carnegie
Public Speaking - Principles and Practice Irvah Lester Winter
Public Speaking - Clarence Stratton
Successful Methods of Public Speaking Grenville Kleiser