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Florida Health

Search is the oldest largest health care accrediting body. 




1/6/20 Child Flu Deaths Hit Record High

6 Flu Vaccine Myths

Flu Vaccine Side Affects

Optimistic people are more likely to live longer They increase by 70% greater odds of reaching the age of 85. Optimists may be better at regulating emotion and coping with stress.

Just 37% of American adults got a flu shot in the 2017-2018 flu season, the lowest rate since 2010-2011, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. That could be why 49 million people got the disease and a record 79,000 people died from it last season. 

47,173 Americans killed themselves in 2017. In  one year  the suicide count was nearly seven times greater than the number of American soldiers killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars between 2001 and 2018.

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31 Days of Yoga

6 Tactics to Combat Work Stress

How to Stay Calm When You Know You'll Be Stressed

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It Will Take a Political Revolution to Cure Depression Epidemic

5 Free e-books about Depression

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What Sugar Does to Your Brain

 Reduce Sugar Spikes
with a low-carb toast and oatmeal breakfast

Herbal Sex Supplement Sent a
Man's Blood Pressure Through the Roof

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Suicides Up Substantially Since 1999

A Striking Rise in Serious Allergy Cases
Dangerous reactions to foods like peanuts,
eggs and dairy increased by nearly five times over the past decade.




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Quitting Smoking Changes Your Body


What happens after you quit smoking? A timeline


Quit Smoking and Changes Your Body



Dangerous Lifestyles



U.S. teen birth rate has fallen dramatically over time

Abortion, pregnancy rates have declined among teenagers in the U.S.


Top Benefits from Physical Activity


Addition vs. Habit has assistance

Spending for Private Health Insurance in the United States


Spending for Private Health Insurance in the United States

us health care spending: the big picture - NIHCM