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Method #1
Meeting Someone
Wearing Pink or Purple or Pumpkin ...

It the early 1980's a secretary
pointed her finger at me and said PIP.
I was my new Jack Nicklaus pink blazer 
and she said " Your are pretty in pink?
Now, whenever I see someone
 I want to talk to wearing a P color,
I say do you mind if I PIP you?
If your getting a good reception from the confused person
 I explain they are pretty in Pink.
If they are amused I explain I can only Pip her once,
unless  she changes to purple, plum or ...
Someone else can pip you
but you have to change to another p color!

Method #2
Red Heads Have More Fun

Whenever I meet a female with red hair I act concerned 
because my dad always warned me about read heads.
According to dad, blonds say they have more fun buts 
red heads really have fun.

Method #3 Streak Hair Disease Gets Mixed Reviews!

When talking with someone with a streak in their hair I would act 
concerned and ask how they got red or blond or gray hair disease. 
I'm kind of old and these were young people were usually working at a cash registrar  and the reaction is OK at best.
I wonder if you could  use a red hair streak as a lead for method
# 2? 
Does a red streak apply indicate more fun. 
Let me know!

Method #4
I'm half Italian, half Polish, and all good looking.
This works meeting baby boomers but
I'm not sure it is good when meeting young people
in this politically correct world.
Let me know.


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