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7 Ways to Control Emotional Trading
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Basic Investing

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Investment FAQ good basic investing info.

Stocks and Bonds for Beginners  is concise.

Be careful of ETFs

Wealth Track Discussion 09/18/09 8 min 31

ETF's Are Eating the Financial World 



Stupidest Thing You Can-Do  When Investing

Personal Finance Course O'Neill, CFP®

Hedge Fund Reading List 5/10/17



active managers fall further behind indexes


Editor's Not: Investors have noticed that paying for
actively managed stock funds  does not have economic value.


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God Couldnt Beat Dollar-Cost Averaging

Common Stock Market Scams video

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Investment Facts 1017/17

Wealth Allocation Discussion v

Of Dollars And Data v

A Wealth of Common Sens

Investing Theory

The Pain of Capital Gain
 from Pacific Life

Understanding Variable Annuities

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Asset Allocation
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Dollar Cost Averaging
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Why Invest In Mutual Funds
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Indexes Beat Stock Pickers
Even Over 15 Years--wsj

Source: The Measure of a Plan
 Geopolitical black swans and the S&P 500

Decision Alternatives

Suppose an investor has to choose between investing in stocks, bonds or the money market, and the total return depends on what happens to interest rates. Possible returns
Editors Note: Max Min is what many rich people do until maintaining their life style is guaranteed. Then they switch to Max Max for additional investments to maximize life style. After max min I semi retired, continued with my conservative investments then retired at 57.



Investment Reference Material
Barkley's Comprehensive Financial Glossary  is comprehensive. - Investing Glossary

Pensions & Investments Magazine NEW

Stock and Commodity Exchanges
Good Money,com has information about socially responsible investing.

Current Market News
is a general purpose site with much information.

Howe Street Financial News has interesting audio/video market reports.

10k Wizard has access to SEC 10Ks.

U.S. Economy from Yahoo has most news plus radio.

Oil and Gas from Yahoo has most news plus radio

OANDA for foreign exchange quotes

PC Quote  U.S. and Canadian stocks, U.S. corporate bonds, NASDAQ-money market and mutual funds, and US options, commodities, and commodity options

UBS Quotes for interest rate information


Interest rates rise

Static rates

Interest rates fall

Worst return

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Money market






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Max Min




Max Max




Min Max Regret


other people's money.




Whats Behind The Longest Bull Market  Since WW 2



Are We Heading for a Recession

This Indicates Yes

Asset Values Getting Ahead of Economic Growth


7 Ways to Control Emotional Trading



















































What is a Mutual Fund