Stock Market Bubbles
Return to Cycle Analysis

1637 Tulip Mania: The First Economic Bubble 8 min video

Tulip Mania (The Real Story) Part 1 1 of 3 videos

1720 South Seas Bubble: First Major Manipulation of Financial Markets 6 min video

South Sea Bubble 1720 1 of 5 videos
The Great Crash 1929 58 min video
1987 Market Crash 11 min video

The Stock Market Crash of 1987 | Cancel Crash

2000 Tech Bubble of 2000 Some saw it coming 7 min video

The Dot Com Bubble 10 min video
The 2008 Fcial Crisis

Financial Crisis 2008 Explained

2008 Financial Crisis The Real Truth

The Crash 2008: Ten Years On 1 of 4 videos on recent political economy


Another Financial Crisis Could Be Coming 30 min video
financial architecture, naked default swaps, and no skin
(insurable risk) in the game gambling.
Editor's Note:
  Financial Architecture Analysis correct but

Bailout Tracker indicates bank bailouts were paid back.

Financial Crisis 2018-2019? blames debt for 2008 and FED's response to
the next economic slowdown will dramatically lower Aggregate Demand

2018 Stock Market Crash Coming! 12 min video based high debt

Smart Money Sidelined


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