Western Political Economy Cycles

1. Cycle Background

2. Post WW2 Competitive Adjustments and the New Normal

3.  Latest US Adjustments   7/30/22

1. Cycle Background

Generational Cycles

Economic Normality

US Economic Adjustments


80 Year Generational Cycles

We Are in The 4th Turning


Market Bubbles


1788-1864       1865-1900

1901 1944     1945-2015

 Political Eras

6 Political Eras 1788-2016

7 Economic Eras 1890-2015

 1946 -2015

Yalta Began Post War Cycle




1788-1824   1828-1852   1856-1892


1896-1928   1932-1972   1976-2012


Eras 1788-2016 

Cycle Predictions

Storm Before the Calm

The End of the World

The Power of Crisis

2. Post WW2 Competitive Adjustments and the New Normal

 Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism? video


Executive Summary

Economic Growth Has Worldwide Winners and Loses

Global Growth and the Rise of Populism



Competitive Adjustment video from economist Mark Blyth:

Is Democracy in Peril?

Brexit video begins at 1 min mark

Financial Crisis Videos

Part 3 Latest Cycle U.S. Adjustmrnts
Prelude: 20th Century Political Cycles 1890-201


World Changed, Good Jobs Disappeared   

U.S. Economic Normality

Great Recession and Course

Great Recession in Perspective


Decades Evaluation

Decades Ranked by Problems

Financial Crisis Still Empowering Far-Right