Understanding The Great Recession


Great Recessions

Historical Perspective

Potential Problem
Will Our Debt be Sold at a Reasonable Price

Prelude to The Great Recession 2p  

Economic History 1900-2007   Exorbitant Dollar Privilege  

The Great Recession 3p  

20th Century Decade Evaluation Positive Dollar Privilege Prediction

Recent Decades Ranked by Problems 2p

U.S. Economic Normality 1945-2015  p 2

Will Inflation and Growth Solve the Deficit Problem?

Most Severe Recessions 2p  Post WW2 International Competitive Adjustments

  Will Debt Bring Down US Capitalism?  

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Is the Next Financial Crisis Around the Corner?

Short but Deep





Recovery Continues to Continue

length economic expansions

Financial Instability is Mounting


Real Personal Consumption Expenditures/Person


Impact of Great Recession from SF FED