Financial Crisis Video Lecture

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Bailout Lectures
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Basic Bank Finance
: Liquidity vs. Solvency
2: Book Value
3: Book value vs. market value
4: Mark-to-model vs. mark-to-market

The Problem Unfolds

5: Banks Paying off their debt
6: Getting an equity infusion
7: Bank goes
8: Systemic Risk

The Bailout
  9: Paulson's Plan
10: Moral Hazard
11: CDOs could be worth nothing
12: Lone Star Transaction
13: Will bailout Work?
14: Another Possible Solution
15: More on the solution

Geithner Plan
Geithner Plan I
Geithner Plan II
Geithner Plan 2.5
Geithner Plan III
Geithner Plan IV
Geithner 5: A better solution



An Academic View
Understanding The Financial Crisis
The Origins of the Financial Mess Alan Blinder 8/12/12
Are We Headed for Another Financial Crisis  Robert J. Shiller: 3/3/15
After the Financial Crisis: Telling the Forest from the Trees M. Blyth

Political View
Ron Paul on the Global Financial Crisis
Ron Paul Questions Tim Geithner 03/26/09

Academic Earth
Financial Crisis 7 YouTube lectures

Global Finance, A free Subscription

Frontline The Untouchables
Bill Moyer Interview with William K. Black
4/6/09, former director: Inst for Fraud Prevention

Independent View video
The Wall Street Takeover and the Next Financial Meltdown S Johnson
Global Financial Meltdown

You Tube's most Popular Explanations
Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis?
The Crisis of Credit Visualized - Part 1 The Crisis of Credit Visualized 2

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