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Research Methods
Statistics Assistance
Statistics Review

Randomness and Optimal Estimation in Data Sampling is mathematical.

Procedural Assistance

100 Best Online Dictionaries

Research Paper Internet Library
 has extensive varied learning materials.

Research Room
give a step-by step approach

Business Research Lab
 is good for surveys

Research Methods Knowledge Base
 primer on business/social research.

Forecasting. Principles of
 is comprehensive.

Information by Discipline
 Behavioral Research

Behavioral Science Statistics

Engineering Statistics  Handbook/

Social Research Methods
 University of Edinburgh

History: Reading, Writing, Researching
 from Bowdoin College

Social Research
 an extensive collection

Research Methods Knowledge Base: a social science research textbook

Web Center for Social Science Research

Statistics Software

Excel Statistics Video

Excel Research Project

Minitab Statistics Video Lectures

Minitab Help #1

Minitab tutorial (pdf format)

Minitab tutorial (word format)

SPSS Statistics Video Lectures

SPSS On-Line Training Workshop


StataQUEST Help 

TI-84 Statistics Video Lectures

Software Innovation
Vfrom Global Text













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