Free Research Methods and Free Software Stuff

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Quick Notes Statistics Reviews
Business Research Lab is good for surveys
Business Research Methods, Basic 
Criminal Justice, Researching

Forecasting. Principles of is comprehensive.
Marketing Research and Information Systems
is a comprehensive textbook.
Randomness and Optimal Estimation in
Data Sampling is mathematical

Reading, Writing, and Researching for History
from Bowdoin College
Research Methods Knowledge Base: a textbook 
for social science research
Research Paper Internet Library has extensive
varied learning materials
Research Room
give a step-by step approach
Resources for Methods in Behavioral Research
Social Research Methods: an extensive collection
The web Center for Social Science Research
Top Selling Business Research Audio Books
Research Methods Knowledge Base is
a primer
 on how to conduct business & social research.





Software Innovation from Global Text
Software Tutorials Internet Library

Computers & Technology Online Courses 

Excel 2000 MBA's Guide to Microsoft
Excel Statistics Lab Manual
Excel  2002 From A to Z by

Power Point 2002  A to Z by S.
Word 2002 from A to Z by
Using SPSS to Understand Research and Data Analysis
SPSS: Stats Practically Short and Simple
SPSS Class Notes
Stata Class Notes
Statistics Books

Meet the author/editor Walter Antoniotti








Data Sources on Political Issues

Economic Issues
Child & Youth Well-Being  
Children, Will Stagnate Income Hurt?

Economic Wellbeing
Income Stagnation
Lack of Good Jobs
Political Controversies      
Has America Lost Her Greatness?    
Income Inequality Analysis and Cures  

Why is Poverty Controversial?

Should Tea Party Share Its Tea?     
Is Politics About the Money?
Is Income Stagnation Serious?   
Criticism of Modern Capitalism   
Is Politics About the Money?
Capitalism/Political Economy Video    
How Severe was the Great Recession?Education Analysis
A Proposal for Change
Leaders Educational Advise 
Ten Commandments of Education 
World Changed and Good Jobs Disappeared 
4. Educating the Class of 2034   
Epilogue Leader Educational ObservationsQuestions
Is College Economically Worthwhile?    

Is Financial Aid Welfare?