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Research Methods

Statistics Assistance

Statistics Review

Randomness and Optimal Estimation in Data Sampling is mathematical.

Procedural Assistance

Research Paper Internet Library has extensive varied learning materials.

Research Room give a step-by step approach

Business Research Lab is good for surveys

Research Methods Knowledge Base primer on business/social research.

Forecasting. Principles of is comprehensive.

Information by Discipline

 Behavioral Research
Behavioral Science Statistics

History: Reading, Writing, and Researching from Bowdoin College

Social Research an extensive collection
Research Methods Knowledge Base: a textbook for social science research
The Web Center for Social Science Research

Statistics Software Tutorials

Excel Statistics Video

Excel Research Project

Minitab Statistics Video Lectures

Minitab Help #1

Minitab tutorial (pdf format)

Minitab tutorial (word format)

SPSS Statistics Video Lectures

SPSS On-Line Training Workshop


StataQUEST Help 

TI-84 Statistics Video Lectures

Software Innovation from Global Text