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Wellbeing Studies: Good and Bad

1. Work 2. Health 3. Safety 4. Poverty 5. Education  

6. Taxes 7. Debt  8. Government 9. Civility 10. Fake News   

11. The Bottom Line

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Income Inequality    Stagnate Wages    Economic Mobility

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Modern Economic History: Western Civilization

One-Picture Economics

Government Spending Helps and Hurts

Source: What You Should Know About


When Will Income Inequality Affects Growth

Will Inflation Come Back


Are Wages Stagnate? A Politicians Dream!!


Economic Mobility Favorable






Economic History


Education Can Be a Poor Economic Investment


Choosing a College and Major




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Big Political Economy Question #1


Big Political Economy Question #2

Note: IMF data makes me nervous!



Most Westerners Live Better Than Ever
WW 1 Began Mass Wealth Accumulation k


Economic History: Western Civilization




Developmental Characteristics

1500 Begins 

A Fight for Individual

 Property Rights

1800 Conflict  

Human Rights vs. Property Rights



Philosophy Humanism stresses individualism opposes Christian Church penance Science joins Humanism and Christianity as most dominate  philosophical influences
Key Feature Free Will opposes Predestination as a lifestyle option   First Revolution 2nd Industrial Revolution   Free Trade and Globalization
Innovators Erasmus influenced Luther T_More defines utopian socialism Alexander Graham Bell     Mark Zuckerberg
Key Inventions Guttenberg Press3 Financial Revolution Steam Engine Steel, Chemicals, Electricity    Transistor,  Internet, Genetic Engineering
Economic System Feudalism Mercantilism /Bullionism. Laissez-faire Capitalism

managed currency/credit

Democratic Socialism   Free Market Capitalism

Economic Theory

Manorialism had Lords with legal economic power supported financially from his landholdings with legal obligatory contributions of the peasantry.

Tariffs  increased powerful, helped private  "infant" industries. Trade was limited with industrial specialization providing growth.

Private property, individual liberty

backed by a constitutional
Property/Contract Rights
eventually yield to human
See Lochner v. NY
Free Markets Rule
GATT Globalism
WTO aid Agriculture
Surplus Agriculture + Gold +Luxuries   Diseases Cured, Basic Necessities Preventive Medicine Retirement

Church + Monarchy +Guilds +Traders + Merchants

+ Corporations Wealthy Few + Politicians + Interest Groups + Social Media moguls
Control Method

Eternity in Hell or Heaven+ Physical punishment

+ Economic Rewards   + Political Rewards  + Self Interest
Work Structure Wool Weaver Households Cotton Factory Workers Unionized Manufacturing Workers  

Surfs + Farmers + Guilds  +Bankers +Importers

   + Corporations  

+ Individuals


+ Military Spending 

    + Education Spending
Oligarchs Provided


 + Infrastructure   + Sanitation + Health + R&D + Universal Education

+ Education + Security



  + Trade Unions   + Government Replace Unions  

+Social Networks

Key Asset Land + Gold Natural Resources + Transportation  
Energy Source

Humans Animals, Water, Wind

  + Steam 

+ Electricity

+ Oil + Atom      + Nature
Economic Catalyst


England's Hegemony Begins   English Cotton mfgt avoided tool monopoly constraints allowing innovation based on science
Key Exports

Spices Tea Silk from Orient

  Wool, cotton

Industrial Revolution

  + Nature
Key Exporters

India, China

  + England

+ US + Germany





Current Economics



Question 2


Political Issues

One-Page Accounting

Academic Studies

U.S. Wars

Western Civilization Economic History