A Tale of Two Tales
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Not All Wealth is Created Equal

Wealthy West Germans found the high cost of unification with the poorer East was a difficult sacrifice. Then slow economic growth meant more voter sacrifices were needed to implement economic structural reforms required to increase economic growth. Then German and other bankers knowingly allowed poorer Southern European politicians to game the world's financial system and borrow excessively. When Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal could not pay bankers, politicians again asked Germans to sacrifice. More recently, Spain's wealthy Catalan citizens demonstrated for independence in hopes of avoiding taxes to help their poorer Southern provinces.

Meanwhile, US wealthy coastal states have continued their efforts to help poorer rural states by agreeing to pay for much of Obamacare. They also wanted to to increased Medicaid benefits and to increase many other safety net programs.

"Huston we have a problem." U.S. rural mostly southern states do not want help. They feel government interferes too much into their lives, federal programs are too expensive and payments go to undeserving people. So they lobby for lower taxes meaning less money to Washington.

2010 Census and IRS data reveals that $1.29 in federal spending for every federal tax dollar collected. Some states receive more federal spending than they pay and other states get less federal spending than they pay. Costal states sending more tax dollars to Washington and voted for Obama. Southern rural states were most likely on the receiving aid and they voted Republican.

The US costal states wants to send financial help to poorer states who want to take only what they want if they want and give little in return!.  Source
Why Trump Won

In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that at least 30 percent of US adults were obese in these 13 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. These are states that votes against fixing anything their Founding Fathers created 350 years ago. You know, the  Founding Fathers  felt only white landowner (the wealthy)  males should vote. They used tariffs which hurt rural states as their preferred  source of government revenue and they created separation of church and state to protect government from religion.





Location Counts With Economists

One-hundred quantitative economist were asked to go into room one if they were Keynesian and room two if they were Monetarists. About fifty went into each room. Asked to analyze the same data, the Keynesian said "see I told you government spending works" and the Monetarist said "see I told you government spending doesn't work."  I think the data had to do with QE2, or was it education, or health care, or was it...

Western Economists scoffed as Soviet economists/mathematicians because they used complex mathematic econometric models to mimic the efficiency of market based capitalism.  Soviet models were successful until they were not successful.

Western  economists/mathematicians developed complex mathematical financial models and sophisticated financial instruments to guarantee their users would make money on Wall Street.  Alan Greenspan assured everyone that financial regulation was not needed, as Wall Street banker self-interest would properly manage the competitive marketplace. These models and a lack or regulation were successful until they were not successful.

In the late- 1990s, Western economists declared the current long-term economic moderation meant very small future recessions and an end to the business cycle.  Recessions continues small until they were big.. 

Now Ben Bernanke, who failed to forecast the Great Recession, tells use unwinding recent excess reserve called QE will not lead to inflation. He' will soon be looking for work, maybe Trump will introduce him to his Soviet friends.


Chicken Poop Nation 

American safety increased when car required seat belts. A fine is paid for not using seatbelts and  not keeping children safe with expensive car seats.

To stay, safe Americans  have  give-up personal freedoms and have spent $649,000,000,000  to feel safe in relation to terrorism.

or Not Chicken Poop Nation,

Gun related suicides accidents and homicides have killed 364,000 people since  9/11/02.

War deaths since 1775 have killed 1.17 million which is less than theb1.38 million killed by guns.

That is the Question Do They Know the Data?


Solution: Improve Federal Assistance to States

Louis Brandeis thought of the states as Laboratories of Democracies.
This is
a good idea that  should be applied to education and many areas of concern to citizens. It centers on using block grants. This would move some financial power to thhe states. This is necessary if we are to continue the slow process of to less polarized redesigning of the American Republic.

EditorSwitching to a block grant allotment of funds is a good idea.
Give x dollars for an existing underfunded 
y state program with no guidelines.
Just someone keeping an eye that it goes for y and not football.

This should replace the WW 2 approach to expert driven, complicated, large programs that can not be properly managed. Inspired bStorm Before the Calm.