Economic Future Of Our Children  

1) Our Economy Has Had 300+ Years of Success

2) Long-Term Educational Test Scores Are Up, Not Down

3) A Bigger GDP Pie Goes to Rich and Poor

4. Increased Academic Education Hasn't Worked

5) Good News! Well-Being is Up Lots

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Child and Youth Well-Being
Economic Wellbeing is Up

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1) Our Economy Has Had 300+ Years of Success

Warren Buffett Riles Against
Slow Growth Politicians and Media

"That [1.2% per capita growth rate] 
may not sound impressive,
 but in a single generation of, say, 25 years,
 that rate of growth
leads to a gain of 34.4% in real GDP per capita."  

Berkshire's Buffett

See Has Middle America Stagnated?

and Lack of Good Jobs

2) Long-Term Educational Test Scores Up
Popular Media Report Test Scores Frequently
Designed to Stay Low
Reading Scores
 1971 2012
Age 9 Age 13 Age 17 Age 9 Age 13 Age 17
208 255 285 221 263 287
Math Scores
Score 1973 Scores 2012
Age 9 Age 13 Age 17 Age 9 Age 13 Age 17
219 266 304 244 285 306


Editor's Note: My study of the economic of education began in 1989 and only in early 2016 did I learn of these long-term tests which seldom change. Educator's looking for funding have a set of test that change frequently and U.S. students do poorly on these ever more difficult tests.  Prejudice for causes more harm than prejudice against as it can be seen and overcome.
Education Internet Library by
Walter Antoniotti

3) A Bigger GDP Pie Goes to Rich and Poor

Income Distribution is a Political Question.



Upper Tier Up 14% 20%
Middle Tier Down 61% 51%
Lower Tier Up 25% 29%
Total 100% 100%

Note: Real GDP pie has grown a lot so middle income is up just not as much. Depending on where the stock market is; the top can vary a lot. Remember liars, dame liars, and all data users?. Middle Class: A Candle Burning at Both Ends

4G's Cause Middle Class Discontent

People wanting a different distribution should vote accordingly but many voters have more important needs. For many protecting Guns and God are most important. For  many decision makers Greed of business, retirees ... rules while Government employees including politicians vote based on career possibilities.

4) Increased Academic Education
Hasn't Worked



Change is Needed


Career Options for Graduates



5) Good News! Well-Being Which Is
Much More Important Than Market Income is Up

1) Our society's stability has allowed U.S. productivity
    to consistently increase which is a key to individual
    well-being. Think how the
public safety net has
    increased since the 1930's and the success of
    the federal
children's bureau. Who wants to give
    up SS and Medicare? Why do some always want
    to cut the other guys government benefits? Think
    economic distress in Russia, Europe,
    and even Japan and Germany.

2) Scientific achievements have continuously
     added to citizen well-being. Think public health,
     smart phones, streaming audio-video, Gillette
     Stadium ... See
Health Problems Solved

3) Personal Income which is a function of nature
    and nurture has increased continuously if
    not always rapidly. Think Russia, China, and
    Europe's really slow recovery from the Great
Economic Wellbeing and
Is The Country In Trouble?

We need hope for the next generation by having faith the our
Democratic, Capitalist, Federalist, Republican society will figure it out.

This the Greatest Period in World History/ 
Ten Reasons to be Bullish on U.S. Economy
Where Has All the Income Gone by the Minneapolis FED disputes
 stagnate income theories believing the medium household is well.
 It calculates the increase in Median gain of  between 44 add 62% depending on household type.

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 Walter Antoniotti