Current Economic Unhappiness = Political Problem + Human Problem.

2) Our society's stability has allowed
U.S. productivity to consistently increase. This is the key to individual well-being. Think how the public safety net has increased since the 1930's and the success of the federal children's bureau. Who wants to give up SS and Medicare? Why do some always want to cut other guys government benefits? Think economic distress in Russia, Europe, even Japan and Germany.
"Why [How Has] Hasn't Economic Progress Lowered Work Hours More?"
  42 min. video T. Cowen, Hayek Lectures

3) Scientific achievements have continuously added to citizen well-being. Think health, smart phones, streaming audio-video, Gillette Stadium ... See New Weather Satellites, Health Problems Solved

4) Stability and achievements are cumulative
so the young people of today will enjoy both past progress and their own contributions.

5) Personal Income increased continuously if not rapidly.
Think Russia, China, and Europe's really slow recovery from the Great Recession. Source Is The Country In Trouble?

5) Will High Wellbeing Continue?
Has America Lost her greatness? Will wellbeing begin to fall?

See Child and Youth Well-Being
Economic Future of Our Children  
Was life better in the 1970s? graphs video from VOX
How Work Got Better from The New Economy
Needed: A Neilson sample of wellbeing of poorer people.

Lower Quintiles Market Income Up Slowly-But

Poorest Quintile 1 Helped Most
Quintiles 2 and 3 React Poorly
Top Quintile Did OK

Very Top 1% and 1/10 of 1% Did Well
Need More Data to Judge Effect of 1%.

Income Distribution is a Political Question.
Some Feel Envy Assistance to Top and Bottom Caused
Populist Movement
Why is Poverty Controversial?

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