2016 Election Issues In One-Page  
One-Page Executive Summary     Please 

Country Economic Issues

Solving the Deficit Problem 
won't be easy.  

Can We Afford Entitlements
Existing? Additional?    

Solving the Lack of Good Jobs
affects many

Income Inequality
Analysis, Affect on Growth, Cures

Middle Income Stagnates
causing unhappy with Capitalism

Individual Issues

Economic Wellbeing concerns everyone.

Economic Future of Our Children
requires attention.

Are Child & Youth Protected
is important.

Are America's Students Learning Less?
The Answer is Important

Prime Age Males 25-54 Work Less
except for Recent Immigrants.

Can Education Reduce Income Stagnation  
requires individual investigation.

International Issues

Lost International Greatness
has long-term implications.   

Lost Economic Greatness
hurts Americans.

 Free Trade Solution or Problem
With NAFTA Bankers Won Workers Lost

The Problem of Terrorism
History is Revealing

Recent Terror Information
is revealing!


Political Issues

Our Democratic Federalist Republic?     

 Should Tea Party Share Its Debt Tea?   

Is Politics About the Money? 
Has it changed since 1776?

Why is Poverty Controversial?
Too Much? Too Little

Is the Country in Trouble?
Many feel it is with more to follow.


Opinion Articl

GOP Ideology Curtailing Vital Medical Research

Voter Involvement Sites

CFR Candidate Comparison

National Priorities Federal Budget Analysis

Political Junkie Sites

Hardball Podcasts with Chris Matthews

Voter-Matchmaking for Politics

11 Surprisingly Useful Apps for Political Junkies

Can Education Help?   

Leaders Educational Advise should be followed.

 Ten Commandments of Education must be agreed upon.  

World Changed and Good Jobs Disappeared explains urgency.

Educating the Class of 2034 is a proposed plan and we need more.

Has Capitalism Failed?

Elizabeth Warren’s
Blames Oligopoly Power

Criticism of Modern Capitalism

Capitalism and Political Economy Video

How Severe was The Great Recession?   

Additional Reading


Political Economy Readings

Capitalistic Democracy
Run Government at a Profit

Internet Readings List

America's Election History

3 Political Eras 1788 to 1892      
2 Political Eras 1896 to 2016     

Era 1 Elections 1778-1824       
Era 4 Elections 1896-1928    


Editor's Note:

Negativity Bias and Confirmation Bias Work Against a Healthy Existence. 

The-Fractured Republic may help understand America's political consternation.



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