Part 1 Has America Lost Her International Greatness?
See Part 2 Has America Lost Her Economic Greatness
Three Choices for America's Role in the World
By Ian Bremmer Analysis from  Walter Antoniotti    Updated 12/23/18    Please link and share.

1) Human Failures

What This Means

The Political Side of the Story  

      A. Terror Wars = 4-6 trillion $ and countless lives

A. Less Discretionary spending

A. Discretionary Spending 50% to 33% hurting these citizens2
     B. NAFTA 700,000 jobs to Mexico, many suffered

B. Displaced workers increased
   supply, lowers other wages

B. Trade Adjustment Assistance helped younger worker a little,
   provided answers for politicians and educators with revenue
      C. Rights violations have mounted after 9/11

C. Both US and Foreigners violated

C. Fear means government and media have a new revenue source
      D. Education helps academic students
Middle wage males hurt most
D. Changing Education Paradigms needs more publicity

See Has America Lost Her Economic Greatness?    Political Economy Quick Videos     videos 2

2) Lost World Prestige

What This Means

The Political Side of the Story

World respect down dramatically since Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan plus we let Syria use Gas and use drones to kill civilians.

Cooperation and compromise
will be lessened

Some would argue we won the cold war, Western Europe's wouldn't  form a coalition to solve Syria, and the fact that many Americans do not want to be the world' policeman but to spend at home.
Impotence of Vietnam Syndrome which disappeared after Gulf 1 is back and the US can't lead the world to a brighter future.

World doesn't trust U.S.
to help and protect them.

Would some want to concentrate on America's Problems
Failed nation building in Somalia where an embryonic Al Qaeda hurt.

Russia again challenges in Eastern Europe with oil revenue and a leader bring back Russia's self confidence.

Supporting NATO expansion after the Reagan Gorbachev detente was too much for a nation that lost 22 million people in WW2.
China now challenges the US in Southeast Asia. Is more effort from Japan and South Korea needed?
9/11 showed U.S. Domestic weakness.

U.S has a new major enemy

Europe, Russia, Asia should be primary battleground, we should join them. 
America's education is not meeting the needs of many.

Middle class future is in doubt.

Jobs Disappeared and education did not consider her Leaders Educational Advise or consider Leaders Educational Observations Throughout History.

3) Economy Dominates the World

What This Means

The Political Side of the Story

U.S. per capita GDP eight times greater than China’s.

Economy lets U.S. do a of good stuff

China's economy almost equal in US meaning  really high military spending makes her  problematic.

World’s largest exporter of goods and services and food.

Business competes successfully

US still subsidizes agriculture. See  Government Agriculture Subsidies

American Entrepreneurialism think of next not last accomplishments.

US usually leads world advancement

Profits have made the top tenth of one percent very wealthy with little increase in their average tax rate.

Deep and efficient capital markets allow a dynamic economy.

New stuff "Fracking" financed quickly  and efficiently

Some would question financial market stability. 
Economic Normality 1945 2015

Technology innovation is second to none

Good jobs and profit abound

Dearth of Middle Class Jobs and Stagnate Middle Class Income

US has eight of the largest ten tech companies by capitalization. Editors note: Bloomberg reports that for the first time it now has the top five.

America Voters
Will Determine
Their Future

Successful companies mean little if the World Changed and Good Jobs Disappeared

American companies are “leading the way” in  breakout technologies like 3D manufacturing, artificial intelligence, Nano technology, cloud computing, robotics, big data, advanced material science ...

These technologies have made Educating the Class of 2034 difficult.

465 billion dollars in US RD spend for 2014 was 30% of the world total will lead to future US strength

It better as Entitlements are under funded, we need to
improve Child and Youth Well-Being  deal with the Federal Deficit,
Poverty Controversies and end Politics Being About the Money

Demographics are favorable in an aging world as US median age in 2o5o will be 40.6 and China's 46.3.

Seventeen of the top twenty universities are in the U.S.
but forty percent being foreign national is a problem

Education best serves our Best
who get the Best

Some would say the US schools are too dependent on foreign students and are not serving many deserving young people.


Some believe China is Next in Line

1. Towards an Ideal Form of Government (Version 3)

2. Democracy and Communism: Are They Really the Same?

3. Freedom of the Press in America and in China

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How is it possible for China, a dirt-poor country
 35 years ago (when I was there),
 to have become, for the past decade,
 the largest creditor for both America and Europe?

see Big Cycles Over Last 100 Years


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