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1A Trump to Face Imploding Economy in 2017  12/8/16
David Stockman  author, former businessman and U.S. politician who served as a Republican U.S.

1B) Trump Will be Good for the Economy, Bad for Wall Street 5/23/16
David Rosen is a respected Wall Street Canadian economist
who like most pendants is correct about half the time.
He predicts Trump may win with Sander's supports. 4:27

1C) A Year After Trump's Election, Nothing Has Changed  11/8/17

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2A) Itís Going to Get Worse: More Financial Crises Coming 5/25/16
from Neil Howe author of Generations and The Fourth Turning.
Problem, his life's work revolves around predicting the current crisis.8:03

2B) 3 Big Risks To The Global Economy This Year 5/27/16
from Anatole Kaletsky well-known British financial journalist. 5:59

3C) Potential risk of a recession?  10/13/17

4A) Trump Reflects a Global Political Shift  2/3/16
from George Friedman  an internationally geopolitical forecaster
and strategist on international affairs
thinks the most authentic candidate will win. 6:57

4B) How The Trump Administration Is Running The U.S. Department of Agriculture 20 min
M. Lewis on C. Rose
Michael Lewis - C. Rose

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