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Median Income Grew by Only 5.9% over 50 years
Two Big Drops Negated Much of Gains

See Middle Class: A Candle Burning at Both Ends   For more on Inflation Adjusted Income visit Inflation.


Supply of College Graduates Exceeds Demand

American colleges push out graduates even though supply was outstripping demand and fewer young people were benefiting financially from attending college. Only 27% of jobs need formal education beyond HS (chart). "In October 2014, 68.4 percent of 2014 high school graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported..."  Basic economic theory indicates the 14 percentage point in oversupply should cause a drop in wages. Editors Note: Visits to a few Community College revealed many are enrolled to collect Pell Grants for spending money. Source  See Is Financial Aid Welfare? And the Answer Is?

Other Education Stuff  Educating the Class of 2034 & Education as Welfare may help with your answer. The More Relevant Questions is How much should I sacrifice to invest in college? See Career Options, Career Information,
Choosing a College and Major


Two National Surveys of Adult Literacy done in the 1980's show indicates the same results only they measured literacy not income


Result, Wages Down for All But the Best and Brightest


Companies figured out that in one department there were stars worth a lot more than the average Joe. These companies looked for stars and paid them bigger dollars. In finance, high tech, and  management the spread began to widen between those in the middle and the STARS.

"In 2011, the top 30 percent of earners with a high-school degree earned more than what 50 percent of workers with an Associate’s degree earned. This same top-earning group of high-school-degree workers also made more than a quarter of workers with bachelor’s degrees. We find that higher-paid high-school-degreed workers are represented more heavily in occupations that require technical post-secondary education attainable through certificates or apprenticeships." See Economics of College Education




Millennial Educational Attainment and Income



Even Stem Jobs are Scarce Thanks to

H-1B Foreign-Worker Visa

Bureau of Labor Statistics reports "Unemployment rates within STEM  fields…are often higher than they’ve been in years—a sign that there is a shortage of jobs, not workers."—Michael Anft2  But "Last month, a landmark immigration reform bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate that has the potential to both increase the number of available H-1B visas for foreigners working in specialty occupations and shift the U.S. employment-based visa system to a more merit-based scheme favoring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workers. Editors Note: Bill Gates has been at the forefront of more H-B1 visas so it's the BLS vs. a retired Oligarch!  Source


What and Where of Education Count!

Major matters in the job market for college graduates
See FED Data from 73 Majors

What and Where of Education Count!




Paying College Tuition is Hillarie's Worst Idea