U.S. Terror/Anxiety Episodes Since 1900
updated 12/02/17  

5 Graphs Explore 1975-2015 Terrorism and Gun Violence Affects Police
Periods Post WW1 Red Scare of 1919 Post WW2 Cold War Red Scare Turmoil 1960 to 1975 Post 9/11 War on Terror

Early Labor Gains The Uprising of 20,000 lowered women's work hours to 48 plus overtime, a 1911 fire killed 146 mostly young women and resulted in 8 safety laws, the Ludlow Massacre of 1914 killed 75 and little gain but mine safety improved.

Pro Labor Laws of the 1930's protected worker's union rights, prohibited employers from interfering with legal union activities, required employees be 17, required a minimum wage and overtime over 40 hours per week but not on over an 8 hours day.

Civil Rights Movement Intensifies in 1950's as separate but equal ends, Rosa Park would not go to the back of the bus, and Federal Troops enforce Arkansas integration1959 Landrum Griffin Act goes after union corruption.

U.S. and Britan help over throw Iran's 1951 Democratic Government to control Iran's oil.
Carter administration angers conservative Iranian Muslims leading to a 1979-81 hostage crisis. US continuing Support of Israel, Iranian sanctions, and  US military in Saudi Arabia

Economy Post WW1 recession then economy did well.
Worker gains continued the long successful process of controlling Business Oligarchs.
Post WW2 Recession and
then strong recovery
Long Prosperity Ends
with 1972-83 Stagflation
caused by 2 oil embargos
Dotcom bubble burst  recession ends quickly then Great Recession awakens US to the Stagnate Middle Income.
Causes Communist International declares world dominance US Labor Movement joined world-wide attempts to gain wage increases, improved working conditions and  limit  immigration. Russia has Atomic Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb
US Communist Cells proliferate
Communism succeeds in China
Korean War resulted when communist aided
 N. Korea invades S. Korea.
Many Riots for Black Equality and from Anti-Vietnam College Campuses.

Iran Oil Policy by Western Governments
Policy Mistakes by Bush2 and Clinton
User Generated Content from social media creates Interne Herding

Specific Events Seattle General Strike required troops to maintain order during a 5-day city paralysis.
Boston Police Strike had State Guard limit damage during two nights of violence.
Steel Strike needed National Guard help.
Race Riots killed 165+.
Anarchist Bombings terrorized two cities.
1946 Churchill's Iron Curtain speech
1948 Berlin Blockade pits US and USSR
1950 McCarthyism hits  many as Communist
1950 Failed assassination by two foreign nationals 1951 MacArthur fired for nuclear weapons talk
1954 Army-McCarthy hearings ends scare

1961 Berlin Wall Built
1962 Church Bombing 4 children die
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
1963-JK, MILK RK assassinated
1965 Malcolm X Assassinated
1965 Watts Riot 34 rioters killed
1970 Kent State 4 students killed

1951 Iranian Coup sponsored by U.S.
2000 Millennium Change apprehension
2001 9/11 largest recent Terror attack
2003  US Iraq begins a long malaise
2007 The Great Recession
Synthetic Life means a Brave New World
Media Response Print and Video Coverage was pro-business and against labor unions and Communists Anarchist. Government Creates Fear with Media
Media Aided McCarthyism and then Buried It
Coverage Differed for Race vs. War
As Compared to Ferguson
Online Media create user based content
Coverage terrorism, foreign policy replaced drugs, crime and tech/space
Political Response 1918 Sedition Act to protect wartime morale by deporting putatively undesirable foreigners.
Palmer Raids had U.S. Attorney General targeting  left leaning Communist labor agitating immigrants by arresting 10,000, jailing3,500 and deporting 556 resident aliens.  "Criminal Syndicalism" state laws outlawing advocacy of violence in effecting and securing social change. Source
1947 Truman Doctrine  to contain Communism.
1947 Taft Hartley Act anti-union regulations
1948 Selective Service Act military draft
1950 McCarran Internal Security Act limits communists
1952 Immigration and Nationality Act limited inflow


1964 Civil Rights Act
1964 N. Mandela gets life
1965 Vietnam Protest Increase
1966 Black Panther Party forms
1971 Twenty sixth Amendment
Agnew, Nixon resign


2001 tsa government replaces private AP security
2002 Homeland Security merged 22 agencies
2003 Immigration  doubled deportations

Oligarchs Affected 1) Business protected profit from labor.
2) Relegion feared atheism of Communism.
3) Right Leaning Politicians
power loss,
4) J
ustice Department and FBI want power
5) Print Media circulation means power/money.
business, religion, right leaning politicians, JD, FBI,
6) Military Industrial Complex

print media, 7) Radio
business, religion, right leaning politicians, JD, FBI, Mil. Ind. Com. 8) Manufacturing adjusts to foreign competition maintaining profit,. print media, radio, 9) TV

business, religion, politicians, FBI  justice, CIA, military industrial complex, manufacturing, 10) Surveillance State USA creates power and $
11) Neo-conservatism activist foreign policy
print media radio, TV, 12) Social Media

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