Terrorism Against the West 1970-2017
Is U.S. Overspending to Stop Terrorism?
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Prelude: Ian Bremmer: Cyber Terrorism Is Coming and That Worries Me a Lot

1. Attacks Recently Increased      2. Travel Causes Most U.S. Foreign Deaths       

3. Others Affected More         But Still U.S. Worries a Lot    Russia Worries More   

4. Other Areas Need Attention     Other Opinions    

5. History Relates to Terrorism


1. Attacks Recently Increased?

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Note: Decision theory states that outliners should be ignored.
Unless the recent increase in terror continue, there may be other ways to increase U.S. Wellbeing.





2. Travel Causes Most U.S. Foreign Deaths


3. Others Affected More



But Still U.S. Worries a Lot


Russia Worries More

The ISIS corps stem from well beyond the Middle East. Russia is no stranger to terrorism either; more than 3,500 people have died in 800+ attacks in the country since 1970. The latest took place just last week when a bomb exploded in the St. Petersburg subway, killing 14 people. No group has yet claimed responsibility, but Russian state media has suggested links to ISIS or other international terror franchises. The assailant has been identified by Russian authorities as Akbarzhon Dzhalilov, a 22-year-old Russian national born in Kyrgyzstan.


4. Other Areas Need Attention
Yearly Average from Varied Sources



Other Opinions


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5. History Relates to Terrorism

Algerian War for Independence from France
Had Many Atrocities as both the Algerian National Liberation
 and Colonial France contributed 1954 to 1962



More Stuff


UN  Details Its Failure to Stop 1995 Bosnian Massacre
Finally Clinton overruled larger Western Europe's large
Democracies and the massacre ended.


Attacks are Down