Tea Party is Correct Federal Spending Up
1.9 % Points or about 9% Over 40 Years

see bottom row

Increased Borrowing Went for Citizen Wellbeing.
 WW2 Borrowing Was Accepted by Most.
Is What's Bought the Problem? 

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Taxes Down 26% for Top and 32% for Middle

Editor's Note: Bottom quintile pays only payroll taxes ,
 actual wellbeing is unknown and many die young.


Lets Cut Spending-Your Stuff Too!

Editors Note: While tax increases may be appropriat,e some cutting should come first.

1A on the list should be Head Start where analysis as shown in is ineffective . Replace it with a much smaller budget centered on the very young. This budget should show measurable results before being increased. A federalist approach would be useful.

1B Cap F35 spending at its original budget. Cost overruns should decrease the number of planes. This should be the new approach to all federal programs. Congress should approve x dollars not x units.

This approach a proving value of a program and Congressional approval of a total budget rather than a number of units used to be called Zero-based budgeting. Implementation proved  difficult and new President Reagan ignored it.  When the economy improved budgeting disappeared. Example England just passed a bill to replace her four Trident submarines. Said budget should be x dollars and cost overruns would drop it to three then two. Editors Opinion: Free World already has too many of this deterrent.