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Career Options for Graduates Executive Summary

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Mark Cuban Q&A at Oxford University 65 min vide

Executive Summary
1) Hard and Soft Skills facilitate Career Success. 
The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn
is a skill, and the willingness to learn is a choice.

Skills or Grades
Two B's, an A and a C 
Which is better?

Technical Skill Enhance the Liberal Arts Skills

3) College Isn't A Guarantee To The Middle Class.
Forbes See chart 1.

4) Do what you like because our "Flat World" means a lot of competition
     which means more effort is needed to be successful. 

5) Most new jobs are in retail, health care, education, and STEM areas.
Most of the first two pay little, education pay varies, and
most of the high paying, few in number STEM jobs are high paying.

6) Studies show most careers are enhanced by digital knowledge.
Start today by enhancing your
Geekability. How?
Learn and use one software program or Apps per month.

7) Improving SAT testing ability is not a good idea because a) data indicates
    comprehensive test coaching has only a small effect on scores b) anxiety they
    cause can be  a serious problem and
    See SAT Coaching Found to Boost Scores--Barely
    Free testing help at Test Prep Internet Library

8) Choose a College/Major for which you are academically well prepared.
a) Grants and grades will be higher.
b) Provides time to enhance non-academic soft skills.
c) Contact with Professors and resulting networking increases.
SAT Coaching Found to Boost Scores--Barely WSJ

Free test-taking help at Test Prep Internet Library

9) Traditional and social networking and good mentoring are still very
    important for success. 

10) Data indicates that college is not a good
financial investment for many students
so many lower their investment by attending
 a local Community College
 for the first two years.

   See John Wooten's success Triangle   
Thanks author/edited Walter Antoniotti