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Graduate Advise Graduates Career Handbook pdf edition

Guidance     Education Affects Income     Choosing a College and Major    

Not All Majors Were Created Equal     Personal Advancement

Building America's Democratic Federalist Capitalistic Nationalistic Republic

Modern Western Civilization Economic History

Building America's Capitalist Democratic Federalist National Republic 1619 to 1973

Our Growing Constitution
Building a Constitution    Governing Our Republic    Managing the United States Constitution   Readings    Epilog

Latest Economic News 

1. 2017 Left Large Economies In Good Shape 
2. Will Tax Cuts Work? 

3 Inflation Is Back, Trouble Ahead? 4 Stock Market Too High? 

5 U.S. Headed for Recession?

Long-Term Economic Questions
1. Will Inflation and Growth Solve the Deficit Problem?

2. Will Debt Bring Down U.S. Capitalism? 

3. Middle Class Economic Questions

Book Summary Videos from  Better than Yesterday

The Dunning Kruger Effect