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General Traditional Collections

The Assayer-- Ag, Arch, Bus, Comp, Ed, Hist, Pol Sci, Lang, Law,  Lib Sci, Lit, Math, Med, Military, Music, Phil, Psych, Rel, Science, Soc Sci, Tech,  

Awesome Library-- literature collection sorted by elementary and middle school and college.
Asksam-- US Government reports, , judicial, legislative, legal & political documents.
BookCrossing --“the world’s biggest free book club
Bookins -- offers a simple system to swap books and their mailing system is the best.

BookMooch--is a free community for exchanging books where donating books  earns book exchange points.
Books-On-Line-- Generalities, Geography, History, Language, Math/Science, Psy, Phil, Lit/Rhetoric, Religion, Social Science, The Arts, Tech
extensive with featured collection such as quotations, biographies, The Harvard Classics, The Shelf of Fiction, The Oxford Shakespeare...
--literature related library of reference articles, interviews, books, biographies, classic non-fiction and religious texts, study guides
Childrens Books Online - is a collection of illustrated children’s books.
Digital Book Index-- many areas with both free and for sales listed
EBOOK Library-- from the University of Virginia, stresses literature with some history and philosophy
Google Book Search --  has digitized over one million books to read online.
Memoware -- has  free ebooks and documents designed for handheld devices.

Project Gutenberg has 20,000 free e-books in their catalog and claimed 2 million downloads last month.
The Hart Library-- Lit, Youth, Hist, Geog, Soc Sci, Ref, Non Eng, Sci, Phil, Rel
The Online Book Page
from the University of Pennsylvania has an extensive collection. 
The Online Books Page: Archives and Indexes has material not indexed individually in The Online Book Page.
The Online Library of Liberty-- classic art, economics, history, law, literature, music, philosophy, political theory, religion, science, sociology, war/peace
Web Book Publications-- well rounded collection, has a science fiction section,
easy to use
Wikibooks - offers over 30,000 open-content textbooks.
World Public Library
-- offers over 500,000 PDF books and documents ranging from textbooks to classic literature.
World Wide School Library -- some items allow content search, Geog, Hist, Non-Eng, Psy, Phil, Rel, Soc Sci, Sci, Tec, youth
Help With Difficult Assignments  
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General Nontraditional Collections
Directory of Free Online Books-- some publications can be searched for a content
 word or phrase
ibiblio -- interactive library where you collect, critique your own collection of software, music, literature, art, history, science, politics ...
Internet Archive-- a multimedia library with texts, videos, audios, and music. has electronic e-books for hand held devices.
University of California Press
-- covers many topics from academic presses, allows a within book search for some book, some books may be purchase
University Collections

Columbia University Libraries Digital Collection.
Harvard University Library
Yale University Library: Digital Collections.
Brown University Library, Center for Digital Initiatives.
Princeton University Library Digital Collections.
Cornell University Library Windows on the Past.
The Online Books Page

Reference Collections    

Infoplease Almanacs-- world, u.s. history/government, biography, sports, arts/entertainment, business, society/culture, health/science
The Old Farmer's Almanac-- astronomy, weather forecasts, gardening, food, recipes, gardening tips, and outdoors 
Fast Facts-- statistical information primarily on the United States and Canada
50 States Capital Cities and Information Links-- almanac information for the 50 states, commonwealths,  and territories

Atlas from InfoPlease-- features maps and detailed profiles of all 193 countries and the 50 U.S. states.
Atlas of Cyberspaces

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection has maps by location, history topics, current events, and an extensive list of map internet sites.
Financial Dictionary
from specializes in financial terms.
FOLDOC Computing Dictionary

Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and Thesaurus also has material to help people build their vocabulary.
Glossarist is a searchable glossary directory.
Over 2200 Special Purpose Glossaries from Dr. Frank Dietz.


Wikipedia-- being put together by people from around the world a traditional encyclopedia where you can search by word or letter.
Online Encyclopedia-- many useful and contemporary topics
Help With Difficult Assignments
Computer Science
Encyclopedias-Subject Specific
The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
History of Economic Thought 
Encyclopedia of Law and Economics
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 

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Audiobook from Many Books
Free Online Books from Avant Find allows you to search for free e-books by subject.
Book Mooch

Paper Back Swap
Title Trader

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