The Great Recession: Historical Perspective

"Grate Recession" Was Deep, But Short

Recovery Continues
to Continue
to Continue

length economic expansions



Historical Perspective

Most Severe US Recessions 2p 

Recent Decades Ranked by Problems 2p

US Banking History

Economic History 1900-2007  

20th Century Decade Evaluation

U.S. Economic Normality

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Post WW2
Competitive Adjustments

Modern Western Civilization
 Economic History


Quick Recessions, Slow Recoveries

Economic Growth
Recovered Quickly




The "Great Recession"

Prelude to The Great Recession 2p 

The Great Recession 3p


FED Stuff 
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Real Personal Consumption
Deeply Affected




Impact of Great Recession from SF FED




Debt Continues to Grow


So Do Countries Facing Financial Shocks

Potential Problem
Will US Debt See at a Reasonable Price

Exorbitant Dollar Privilege  

Positive Dollar Privilege Prediction

Will Inflation and Growth Solve the Deficit Problem?

  Will Debt Bring Down US Capitalism?  

Is the Next Financial Crisis Around the Corner?