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Education Libraries   Improving Education Education Teacher's Library  

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American History

6 Political Eras 1788-2016

Presidents: Elections and Contributions

American Economy Outlines

American Government

American History Readings

Constitutional History of the United States

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Conservatism vs. Progressivism

Economics Thought History

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4. History


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Academic Studies    History    War on Terror   History of Christianity   

Learning Materials     Reference Materials   Political Controversies  

Economic Issues   A Teacher's Reflections     U.S. Political Economy


6. Quick Book Reports: History

Turning Points in American History
outline of a Great Course Audio
covers 400 years 10 p

Don't Know Much About History
Everything You Need To Know About American History But Never Learned, by K. Davis 6 p

On Grand Strategy 2 p
the processes, complexities in devising grand strategies applied to U.S. Presidents

Political Economy Biographies

Presidential Courage 
Brave Leaders and How They Changed America 1789-1989
M. Beschloss

Thomas Jefferson
The Art of Power 2012
 8p  Jon Meacham 

American Dynasty 6p
Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush
6p Kevin Phillips,

Second Chance
Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower 6p Z. Brzezinski

7.  Religions of the World

Concise History of Christianity
Concise History of Hinduism
Concise History of Islam
Concise History of Judaism
Luther's American Legacy
Growth of Religious Toleration
Freedom of Religion Began in 1636

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War on Terror   Young Reader

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Education Manifesto

Health and Lifestyle

Financial Accounting for
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Latest Economic News

Mathematics Review

US Political Economy

Graduate's Career Handbook

Healthy Dieting

Long Term Economic Question 1

Building Our Republic

Our Growing Constitution

Managing the U. S.
Evolving Constitution


Quick Crib Notes

Accounting Crib Notes

1. Accounting Cycle Basics   2. Account Cycle Example   3. Time Value of Money, Example

Algebra, Pre   Complete Collection

0. Pre Test    1. Quick Steps For Passing A Mathematics Test  2. Whole Numbers  

3. Fractions  4. Decimals, Ratio, Rates, Proportions. Percentages  

5. Exponents, Square Roots, Algebra, Geometry Algebra  6. Formulas 

7. Using Formulas to Solve Problems  8. Multi-step Word Problem

9. Graphs, Signed Numbers, Statistics, Probability, Measurement

Statistics Crib Notes 
1. Micro Statistics Taxonomies

Descriptive    Probability    Parametric    Nonparametric    Relational Statistics

2. Macro Statistics Taxonomies

Statistics   Inferential

3. Choosing from appropriate statistics

Formulas   Distinguishing Statistics Tests    Practice

4. Excel Statistics Book practice sets load into spreadsheets Set

5.  Tests  Descriptive Statistics  Ans.   Probability  Ans.   Hypothesis Testing Ans.   Sets 2  3

Subject Textbooks

Basic Speller Student Materials
Spelling-Grammar Checker
Commonsense Composition
Arts and Literature
Teaching Foreign Language
Journalism 101 
The Glyfada Method for Writing
Essay Search for Fiction
Research Paper Guidance

Technical Writing

Children's e-books

Classic e-books
Mobile e-books has many platforms 
Children Audio Books
Classic Audio Books

Excel for Teachers and Administrators 
Excel Statistics loads into Excel for easier learning
Excel Research Project

Financial Accounting 
Financial Accounting programmed text.
Financial Accounting Practice Sets 

Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators
Pre Algebra
Test Prep Mathematics program text 
Pre Algebra Mathematics course materials
Pre Algebra Videos 

Pre-Algebra Worksheets
Middle School Math-Grade 6--CK12
Middle School Math-Grade 7--CK12

Mathematics Review two-page reviews 
Quick Notes Pre-Algebra Reviews are extensive
Middle School Mathematics Quizzes




Worksheets for Pre Algebra Mathematics


Practice Problems  are numbered to pretest so a student  that misses pretest 27 needs mathpp27 

1 Quick Steps For Passing A Mathematics Test     
2 Whole Numbers     3 Fractions 
 4 Decimals, Ratio, Rates, Proportions, Percentages   
 5 Exponents, Square Roots, Algebra, Geometry
 6 Formula Review    7 Using Formulas to Solve Problems 
 8 Multi-step Word Problem   9 Graphs, Signed Numbers, Statistics, Probability, Measurement


Algebra I--CK12
A First Course in Linear Algebra--CLRN

Financing a Fiat application problem
Advanced Algebra 2-- CLRN 
Linear Algebra -- CLRN by Paul Dawkins 
Linear Algebra --CLRN by Jim Hefferon

Basic Geometry--CK12 
Geometry By Grade--CK

Trigonometry --CLRN by Michael Corral

Precalculus from CNX 
Calculus--CLRN DTI3 
Calculus Interactive Mathematics

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
Statistics Practice Problems

Financial Literacy
Elementary School  
Middle School  
High School
Personal Finance  
Financial Improvement

Social Science

American Government  

American History Readings     

Christianity: A Concise History of

Economics Class Notes with Links

Economics, American    

Economics AP Videos

Econ Test Review Notes

Understandable Economics

Econometrics for Honors Students

History Audio Books

Presidential Election Issues

Psychology college one semester

Psychology pdf

U.S. Government, Ben's Guide: 9-12 

U.S. History - Basic Mobile e-books

U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900

U.S. History - Advance

Global Perspectives on Industrialization 

Stories of the Underground Railroad

World History video 19 min.

History of the United States very 
advance audio book from LibriVox
Search archives Charles A Beard
Paper version is easily searchable by topic.

Our Democratic Federalist Republic and
more readings & videos

Turning Points in American History

Political Controversies

Political Economy Historical Summaries

American Presidents
U.S, Political Leaders
Modern Analysis of Political Leaders
Political Economy Leaders

Research Paper Guidance

War On Terror: Who Are We Fighting?

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College Business 


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History Book Reviews

Test Prep Materials

Professor A's Student and Parent Advice

Career Stuff

Career Guidance

Career Information

Choosing a College and Major

Geekability for Success


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Anatomy, Facts & Functions  dictionary with video
Biology CK12
Biology I--CK12

Biology I Workbook--CK12
Biology I - -Honors DT3 --CLRN
Chemistry Grade 10 [CAPS]
Chemistry Engineering: Intro. for High School--CK12
Concept Development Studies in Chemistry

Engineering Problems with Matlab
Fun Science
Nano Science Student Problems--CK12s

Earth Science Grades 6-9 CK
Earth Systems Earth Sci. Grades 9-10
Earth Science-HS-- CK12

Earth Science HS- - CA DTI 3

Health and Lifestyle
Healthy Dieting
Health Literacy

Healthy Skin

Life Science Concepts, Middle School

NASA’s Aerial Polar Ice Expands Its Arctic Reach
Nature Videos

Physics, Basic--CK12 Basic Physics II, Basic--CK12
Physics, Honors
Physics, Motion Mountain Adventure
Light and Matter--CLRN by Dr. B Crowell

Probability and Statistics-Short Course, Basic--CK12
Probability/Statistics Full Course, Basic--CK12
Probability/Statistic Probability and Statistics--CK12
Excel Statistics Lab Manual is written in Excel.

Probability Introduction to --CLRN

Probability and Statistics--Advanced

Probability and Statistics--AP
Probability and Statistics (AP)

Relativity and Relativity 2
Research Paper Guidance
Sea Levels Rising
Statistics Connexions, Collaborative
Weather Posters
Whether Underground Category 6

Weather Infographic


US History Building America's Democratic
Federalist Republic from Quick Notes
Brief, Objective, Uncensored

Building Our Republic
Our Growing Constitution
Constitutional History of the U.S.

A Very Brief U.S. History
U.S. History 1900-2016

U.S. Political Economy Internet Library
U.S. Economic History 1900-2016

Political Economy 1788-2016
U.S. Government and Politics

Turning Points in American History Summary
Presidential Courage Summary

Statistics One-Page Handouts
Statistics a free programmed text with complete solutions.
Mathematics and SPSS Review  
A Taxonomy of Statistics
A Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics

Formula Reviews 
Descriptive Statistics  
Probability, The Basis for Inferential Statistics   
Inferential Statistics
Executive Summary of Inferential Statistics   Correlation and Regression

 Basic Practice Problems    Categorizing Statistics Problems helps with formula selection.

Problems in Excel Descriptive Statistics  Answers   Probability  Answers 

Inferential Statistics

Hypothesis Testing and Answers plus 3 Statistics Tests with Answers for   Descriptive Statistics, Probability, and Hypothesis Testing

Geekability and Statistics Go Well Together and are can be important for success.

Wiki Junior Solar System  Please  

Updated 05/9/17  antonw@ix.netxom.com for suggestions 

Readings in American History  
These brief interactive notes are appropriate
for Internet research and writing assignments.

Summaries of Published Books
Presidential Courage Brave Leaders and
How They Changed America 1789-1989 by M. Beschloss

Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power 2012 J. Meacham

Presidential Politics Party Politics and Presidential Elections from 1788 to 2012 by Walter Antoniotti

Second Chance Three Presidents and the Crisis of America Superpower by Zbigniew Brzezinski

American Dynasty Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of Deceit in the House of Bush by Kevin Phillips

Don't Know Much About History Everything You Need To Know About American History But Never Learned, by K. Davis

2015 Political Controversies examine poverty, middle class stagnation and politics.

Very Quick Historical Summaries
Turning Points in American History W. Antoniotti

A Very Brief U.S. History Political Eras and Important Events

20th Century Decade Evaluation

Interaction of Politics and Economic

Recent U.S. Decades Ranked by Problems

Best, Worst?
Pass Fail Analysis of US Presidents

Most Severe US Recessions

Presidential Politics Party Politics and Presidential Elections from 1788 to 2012
The War On Terror Who Are We Fighting is a comprehensive many one-page Middle -East topics.

Presidential Election Issues


Education Libraries
Educating Class of 2034
Education Libraries

Education Manifesto
Economics of College Education

Education Observations/Leaders
Education Reform 

Excel Stuff for Teachers
Individualized Curriculums

Videos from Internet 

Virtual Learning
Data Analysis, Stats, Probability K-12
Against All Odds: Inside Statistics
Learning Math Videos: Geometry K-8
AP Video Lectures    

Fun Stuff

8 Ways to See Theory of Relativity in Real Life
9 Trickiest Riddles Ever With Answers
9 Numbers That Are Cooler Than Pi
11 Fascinating Facts About Our Milky Way Galaxy
The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics
Speed of Light Pictured in Slow Motion
Weather Center

Abnormal Weather Events-U.S. History
Abnormal U.S. Weather Events 2

January-Earths Closest Approach to Sun
Big Meltdown

Family Fun: Cold-Weather Science Experiments
Watch Salamander Embryo Grow-Up
Star Walk 2
Halloween, a History
The Real Dracula: Vlad the Impaler
10 of the Spookiest American  Haunted Houses
10 Historical Ghost Stories Will Haunt Forever
 Spooky Sites: 7 Most Haunted

android alpha science graphing for $3


U.S. History and Political Economy

American History

Building a Nation
1. Brave New World
2. So You Want a Revolution
3. Constitution to
Manifest Destiny

4. Apocalypse  Civil War & Reconstruction

Becoming a World Leader
1. Growing an Empire: Wild West to WW1
 2. Boom, Bust, Boom: Jazz, Depression, WW2

Protecting a Nation
1. Hot War, Cold War, 1950's Race Relations
2. Camelot, Vietnam, Race Riots   
3. Evil Empire, Axis of Evil a Century Ends



Source 1

Don't Know Much About History
American's Story
Kenneth C. Davis

W. Antoniotti 4/18/19

Map Cultural Explanations

Source 2
Turning Points in Our
Democratic Federal Republic

from audio course of Professor E. T. O'Donnell  

summarized and reordered  by
W. Antoniotti 

The Colonial Period
1. The Great Small Pox Epidemic of 1617
2. 1619 Began Representative Democracy and Slavery
3. Freedom of Religion Began in 1636  
4. All Immigrates Welcomed
By 1654 New Amsterdam

5. 1676 King Philip's War Began 
Centuries of Indian Removal

6. 1735 Zenger Trial Begins Press Free Press


Growing a Democratic Republic
1773 Boston Tea Party Begins a Process

8. A Hesitant Reluctant 1776 Nation
Seeks Freedom

The French Save the Day
 1786 Shays' Tax Rebellion
 Leads to a Constitution

1800 Sees First Peaceful
Democratic Power Transfer

13. Marshal Creates a
Third Separate Power

15. Who Are We of We the people?
23. Who Protects Unalienable
1866 Rights of Whom?

25. The 1870's
Take Away Unalienable Rights 
 1930's Government Safety Net Deficits, Like War Deficits, Attracts Many

42. 1973 Finally Brings a
Faster Track Civil Rights


Growing a Nation

11. A 1789 Brain Drain Begins
US Industrial Revolution

14. A Transportation Revolution
for a Growing Nation

20. Mexican War of 1846,
Growth Becomes Manifest Destiny

28. 1898 War With Spain Means
Manifest Destiny Rides Again


Protecting a Divided Nation

1862 Antietam  
1873 Ending Reconstruction
27 Haymarket Square, 1887,Labor Setback
1919 Red Scare  Terror Since 1900
1939 Eisenstein's Bomb Letter  
1948 Berlin Airlift
1969 Disaster Creates Environmentalism
1989 Russia's Collapse End of Cold War
2001 Terror Begins


Our Growing Constitution 

Building a Constitution
Governing Our Republic
Managing the U.S. Evolving Constitution



Presidential Courage Brave Leaders
 ... Changed America 1789-1989
By Michael Beschloss

1. Building a Nation  G. Washington  

A. Jackson
J. Adams   A. Lincoln  
T. Roosevelt

2. Guiding the World FDR  
H. Truman   JFK  
 R. Reagan


U.S. Presidents Part 1 and Part 2
videos- picture and very brief bio

Book Reports
Thomas Jefferson

The Art of Power 2012  J. Meacham
American Dynasty 
K. Phillips,

Second Chance 
Three Post Cold War Presidents and
the Crisis of America Superpower

Z. Brzezinsk

Bush Family Business Oil Dynasty
Was Bush Family Trump
Without Rough Edges?

Why Trump Won
 A Chronology of Our Latest President

Rating U.S. Presidents
Military Decisions Adams to Obama  
Pass/Fail Analysis of Recent Presidents  
Historians Judge Our Presidents
Pardons    Scandals    Crimes, Post WW2


Living With Terrorism 

War on Terror 
U.S. Terror  Since 1900
Terrorism Against the West 1975-2015  

30 Years of Mass Shootings
The Art of War


American Presidents
U.S, Political Leaders
Modern Analysis of Political Leaders
Political Economy Leaders

Concise Studies
History Collection
Recent Decades Ranked by Problems   
20th Century Education

U.S. Wars  
Gun Violence Affects Police

 US Politics

Our Democratic Federalist Republic

Political Book Reviews

Founding Fathers Opinions of Political Parties

Political Eras

1) 1788-1824
Founding Fathers and England's Political Influence Ends
South Has Some Success in Controlling Northern Business Interests

2) 1828-1852 Federalism vs. State's Right

3) 1856-1892 Civil War, Northeast Control, Gilded Age Wealth
Built on the Backs of Poor, Women and Children

4) 1896-1928 Progressive Populism Ends the Gilded Age
Business Power Returned After WW I.

5) 1932-2012 Safety Net Created and Expanded Flip Flops
Continue as
Political Polarity Increases

Political Eras 1788-2016

Trump's New Political Era?

President's Election/Contributions

1788-1824    1828-1852    1856-1892 

1896-1928    1932-1972    1976-2012 

Presidential Biographies

American Presidents
US Colonial Political Leaders

Improving Education Materials

Changing Education Paradigms 
is an 11 minute video from the Royal
Society or the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.  It is the most significant analysis of Western education
 I've encountered since I began teaching in 1966.

5 Bad Education Assumptions the Media Keeps Recycling Were

 Number Umpteenth the Myth of Lagging US Schools

Homework an Unnecessary Evil 
Surprising Findings
 from New Research

Educational Observations
of Academic, Political, Business and Economic Leaders Provide the Key to Educational Improvement

The Long Shadow of Race, Class and Privilege in Baltimore 1 of 5 by Karl L. Alexander the Chair and John Dewey Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University


Reflections of a Life-Long Teacher          Please Share


Reforming Education

Based Upon the Above Information I Submit

Educating the Class of 2035  is based upon these

  Proposed Education Axioms and Postulates.

antonw@ix.netcom.com    Thanks! Walter Antoniotti



healthy eating habits that work_2016



Health and Lifestyle source





Bullying is a Problem


Who is at Risk


Warning Signs

Stop Bullying on the Spot

Find Out What Happened

Support Kids Involved

Get Help Now

The problem

What you can do

There has been a crime or someone is at immediate risk of harm.

Call 911.

Someone is feeling hopeless, helpless, thinking of suicide.

Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Site exit disclaimer online or at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The toll-free call goes to the nearest crisis center in our national network. These centers provide 24-hour crisis counseling and mental health referrals.

Someone is acting differently than normal, such as always seeming sad or anxious, struggling to complete tasks, or not being able care for themselves.

Find a local counselor or other mental health services

The Mental Health and Addiction Insurance Help consumer portal prototype can help consumers get to the correct resource to solve their Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder insurance coverage issue.

A child is being bullied in school.


Contact the:

  1. Teacher
  2. School counselor
  3. School principal
  4. School superintendent
  5. State Department of Education

See more on working with the school.

The school is not adequately addressing harassment based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or religion.



Career Guidance Source


College Helps Some

Source College Access is About Guidance as Well as Money

Example Using author/editor Mr. A from Choosing a College and Major




1 p1 page printing          

 Reading Helps Many

The Twenty Most Popular Books Throughout History




Sea Levels Rising









Pre Algebra

Mathematics Reviews




Career Handbook

Health and Lifestyle

Healthy Dieting