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Mathematics Internet Library covers more advanced areas of mathematics.
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Test-Prep Mathematics by Pamela Cohen and Walter Antoniotti is a 252 page book for people who want to quickly study basic high school mathematics. They may be taking a test, starting a new career, returning to school, or wanting a summer review. Only the most important concepts are explained by the 49 one-page learning outlines of Test-Prep Mathematics. Minimizing descriptive material makes learning difficult concepts easier. Each learning outline is followed by an adjoining page of practice problems. Additional practice problems are provided for those needing more practice. The book begins with a pretest and ends with a posttest. Each part of this book ends with a quiz. There are six 1- or 2-page basic concept reviews to help users prepare for quizzes. There are also 6 cumulative reviews to help people maintain skills. Complete solutions are provided for the tests and quizzes. Answers are provided for practice problems.

Additional Learning Materials

Pretest determines weak areas.
Pretest problem numbers follow the learning units in

Test-Prep Mathematics
The order of problems also follows the layout of the
following H.S. Mathematics Video Lectures.

Pre Algebra Videos are extensive.

Progression-Videos K-5 is for teachers and learners.

pre-algebra course from Academic Earth
has videos by topic

Khan Academy. Pre Algebra Course

Test-Prep Mathematics Practice Problems 

Pre Algebra Quizzes

Sparknotes Pre Algebra Review Quiz

Visual Fractions Tutorial

Aplusmath.com many worksheets and
automated homework problems.

Math Lessons That Are Fun has unique problems.

9 H.S. two-page Mathematics Review Sheets

Test Problems With Solutions

Test-passing for Mathematics will help you do better on tests.

Final Exam  

Posttest Solutions pages 1-3

Posttest Solutions pages 4-6

GED Practice 
from Steck Vaughn is god for those
taking a standardized test.

Test Prep Internet Library
 helps test takers

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