Professor A's Financial Aid Guidance
Who is Professor
Consider spending the first two years taking basic courses at a local CC.

1) Should I borrow for college?
If financial needs are not settled before HS graduation,
college should be treated
like any financial investment.
See Effects of Education on Income

2) How do I Maximizing financial aid?
Answer 1
desirable characteristic generates the most aid.
Colleges compete for students and award financial aid for being above average
in standardized tests scores,  community participation,  existing college savings,
and high skills in arts and sport.
See Scholarship search
from College Board is the best place to begin.
Scholarship America
Answer 2
Communicate with school the admission and financial aid offices.
Answer 3
Dropping most competitive school to increase aid.

3) Paying to maximize financial aid

Probably not. College admission and financial aid departments
are paid to do this for you though they will be quick to
recommend student and family loans..

4) Incorrect forms results in less aid?
No, not a good idea.
Someone will call or send forms back with a correction note.

5) Help follow the money?
Money located in State loans,
Pell grants, and many other organizations
5 top scholarship search engines U.S. News and World Report
Cutting the cost of college extras CNN Money