Financial Accounting For Owners, Managers, and Administrators


Financial Accounting for Owners, Managers and Administrators

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Part 1  Introduction to  Financial Accounting
Unit 1 Introduction to Business
Unit 2 Decision Making   
Unit 3 Financing a Business With Equity
Unit 4 Financing a Business With Debt
Unit 5 Income Statements and Statement of Capital
Unit 6 Cash Versus Accrual Accounting
Part  1 Quiz  Part   1 Quiz Complete Solutions 

Part 2  Accounting for Assets
Unit 7 Cash and Short-Term Investments
Unit 8 Accounts Receivable   
Unit 9 Inventory
Unit 10 Plant and Equipment
Unit 11 Intangibles
Part 2 Quiz      Part   2 Quiz Complete Solutions 


Part 3  Analyzing Financial Information
Unit 12 Expanded Multi-Step Income Statement
Unit 13 The Classified Balance Sheet
Unit 14 The Statement of Cash Flows   
Unit 15 Financial Statement Analysis, Part 1
Unit 16 Financial Statement Analysis, Part 2    
Part 3 Quiz       
Part  3 Quiz Complete Solutions 
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