Professor A's Financial Aid Guidance

Who is Professor A?

1) Should I borrow for college?
Answer 1: If financing is not settled before HS graduation college

                       should be treated like any financial investment.
                       See Effects of Education on Incom

2) How can I maximize college financial aid?
Answer 1:
Colleges compete for students
and award financial aid accordingly. Students with high standardized tests scores relative to other freshman applicants receive more money. Students with an above average rate of community participation also receive more funds. Scholarship search from College Board is the best place to begin.

Scholarship America may also help.
Communicate with the admission and financial aid offices of the schools you have applied to.

3) Should I pay someone to maximize my financial aid?
Probably not. College admission and financial aid departments are paid
to do this for you though they will be quick to recommend loans.



4) Someone said filling out the aid forms incorrectly will result in no aid,
grants or loans.
Is this true?
Definitely not. Someone will call or send forms back with a note for correction.

5) How do I follow the money?
Compare the 5 top scholarship search engines
from U.S. News and World Report
will help his is the amount you will have to finance through state loans Pell grants.

6) Interesting Article
Cutting the cost of college extras CNN Money