Pass Fail Analysis of 20th Century U.S. Presidents
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Party Passed Failed
TR Involvement in the 1902 Coal Strike
began the
 Progressive Era
Spanish American War was not a Moral High Ground
Taft Expanded TR's Antitrust Activities  Unintended Consequences of Expanding Dollar Diplomacy


Advanced Progressive Agenda Failed League of Nations Policy
Harding Strong Economy Emergency Quota Act because of Red Scare # 1
Coolidge Restored Confidence after Harding's  Scandals Mishandled  Great Mississippi Flood
Hoover Economic Policies Helped Negate Depression Conservative Domestic Economic Policies
FDR Redirected Government With First 100 Days Handling of the Holocaust
Truman Recognized Israel Quickly Korean War expanded by allowing
General McCarthy to advance beyond the 35th parallel.

Ended Korean War Quickly

Helped Britain Control Iranian Oil
by overthrowing Iran's democratically elected Government.
JFK    Cuban Missile Crisis Managed Well Mismanaged Bay of Pigs Invasion
initiated by the Eisenhower Administration.
LBJ Great Society Medicare, Medicaid, Civil Rights Questionable Gulf of Tonkin Incident
was used to expanded Vietnam War.

Detente with Russia and China

Prolonged Vietnam War for political gain
Ford Pardoned Nixon to end Watergate

Struggles in Vietnam Continued

Carter Camp David Accords fostered Middle East peace.

Continued a Failed Iran Policy

Reagan Accelerated the End of the Cold War Ignored Congress With Iran Contra Arms Sale
Bush 1 Successfully Managed Gulf War Continued U.S. Policy of Bailing Out Banks
Clinton 1993 Budget Act created surplus Clinton's Health Care Plan Failed
Bush 2 Medicare Part D

Bush Family Business Oil Dynasty
Was the Bush Family Trump Without the Rough Edges?

Expanded Government Debt for Two Wars, added to Unfunded Safety Net While Cutting Taxes
Obama Obamacare Failure to Pass TPP
Trump Too Much Political Noisy.

Why Trump Won is a continually updated progress report
Part 2  Follow the Money


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