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John Adams 

Adams avoided a Quasi-War with France which cost him reelection.
 The Master of Monticello 1809 to the End,
Leader of the Opposition
Everything Wrong Adams Administration


John Quincy Adams

George Bush

George Walker Bush

Jimmy Carter

Bill Clinton

Gerald Ford

W. Harrison
W. Harrison Administration Everything Wrong With


Herbert Hoover: Father of the New Deal


Andrew Jackson
A. Jackson Took On Eastern Oligarchs to Serve Rural America.
See A. Jackson, From a Constitution to Manifest Destiny
Andrew Jackson - Good Evil & The Presidency 115 min video
Anonymous Letter 1825 Election Corrupt Bargain


Thomas Jefferson 1
Thomas Jefferson The Art of Power by Jon Meacham
The Master of Monticello 1809 to the End,
The Leader of the Opposition
Jefferson's: Influence on Revolution, Louisiana Purchase: Christopher Hitchens 61 min
Jefferson 88 min

Expansionism. Jefferson vs. W. Wilson by


Lyndon B. Johnson

John F. Kennedy
JFK push school integration despite potential political opposition.
1973 Finally Brings Faster Track Civil Rights
JFK Avoids Vietnam


Abraham Lincoln
A. Lincoln, Apocalypse To Civil War and Reconstruction, A Divided Nation
A. Lincoln required freeing the slaves  as a condition of saving the Union.
A Divided Nation from the 1862 Battle of Antietam

James Madison

Richard Nixon

Nixonland The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America

Ronald Reagan
R. Reagan hastened the end of the Cold War with deficit spending.
RR Closes an Evil Empire
Federal Deficit increases used to hasten the fall of USSR.


F. Roosevelt
FDR took an unpopular stance by planning for war but still reelected.
Great Depression was FDR first major problem then WW2
Safety Net Deficits like war deficits prove attractive


T. Roosevelt
T. Roosevelt took on corporate RR trusts for consumers and farmers.
See TR Continues Manifest Destiny, War With Spain


H. Truman
 See HT becomes our first Cold War President



J. Tyler
Everything Wrong With Tyler Administration


W. Wilson
See When the U.S. Used 'Fake News' to Sell Americans on World War I


M. Van Buren
Van Buren - Friend or Foe? 42 min podcast


George Washington
G. Washington made voters unhappy with the Jay Treaty and Taxes
Do You Want a Revolution?
The Revolution 1774-76   Source
How George Washington Warned Us About Tribalism and Disunity

Final Years
11 Key People Who Shaped George Washington's Life