American Government Outline
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American History from
University of Groningen

Original edition by Richard C. Schroeder. Revised and
updated in 1989 by Nathan Glick,
who also wrote Part II:
"Explaining the Constitution: The Federalist Papers."

An Outline of American Government is a publication of the U.S. Information Agency and has been copied from their WWW-site and incorporated in the project From Revolution to Reconstruction (and what happened afterwards..). The original text has not been altered, but all useful links to other parts of the project have been made in the text.
We do not claim copyright on the text, only on our HTML-tagging of the text.


  1. The Constitution: An Enduring Document
  2. Explaining the Constitution: The Federalist Papers
  3. The Executive Branch: Powers of the Presidency
  4. The Legislative Branch: The Reach of Congress
  5. The Judicial Branch: Interpreting the Constitution
  6. A Country of Many Governments
  7. Fundamentals of American Government
  8. Brief Reading List in American Government
  9. Topics

      Gust Editorial from Frank Lee  All Men are Created Equal

      Editor Walter Antoniotti's comments: created equal and treated equally are not the same thing,
         Equal is value and all people have equal value. Equal is also not a synonym for the same.