Variable 1    Mostly the Unhealthy Die


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Variable 2     But Closing Society Hurts Many


3 Affected Cohorts

Consider the Morality Opportunity Costs of this 3 cohort family

Cost of Closing US Economy   Cost of
Opening Economy
Possible Cost Other Cohort Variables Possible Cost
Grand Parents Virus, Death 1 grandparent has 3 preconditions Unchanged
4 Siblings
all working
virus, unemployment, social distress,
lost self esteem
, family abused,
suicide, virus death-very small
all between 22 and 40
 with no preconditions
virus more likely,
8 grandchildren
all in school
virus, family abuse, social distress,
education los
ages differ so affect/cost
 per child would differ
would students
spread virus


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Pennsylvania (12.8m population)