A Study of Opportunity Cost
Conservatives think in terms of Trade-offs-Liberals, in terms of Immediate Solutions

There Are No Solutions, Only Trade-offs
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Covid Variables   
Mostly the Old and Unhealthy Die






Closing Society Variables Hurts Many

The Shadow Pandemic: Violence against women during COVID-19


Consider the Morality Questions of 3 Cohort Family
Closing Opportunity Cost is Economic/Social Affects on Children, Grandchildren
Not Closing Opportunity Cost is Health Affects on Grandparents.

Cost of Closing US Economy   Cost of
Opening Economy
Possible Cost Other Cohort Variables Possible Cost
Grand Parents Virus, Death 1 grandparent has 3 preconditions Unchanged
4 Siblings
all working
virus, unemployment, social distress,
lost self esteem family abused,
suicide, virus death-very small
all between 22 and 40
 with no preconditions
virus more likely,
8 grandchildren
all in school
virus, family abuse, social distress,
education los
ages differ so affect/cost
 per child would differ
would students
spread virus


Valuating health vs. wealth:
 The effect of information and how this matters for COVID-19 policymaking


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The Death of Dissent / Peter Hitchens / Man Rampant  62 min video


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