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COVID-19 Media Caused Hysteria?
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Editorials Media set the tone early by using what statisticians call "Chunks," the poorest population source for predicting the future. By using this "whatever data is available," media are basing "Breaking News" and models projections on "hot Spots" knowing these premature projections would add viewers. The resulting hysteria could have ended when better random sample data arrived. It did not. Why?  Always follow the money!

"Give It to Me Straight, Doc"
Bill Maher Blasts the Leftist Media
 on Covid-19 Propaganda 6 min video April 2021

"New rule. Don't spin me when it comes to my health. I am from a different school: Give it to me straight doc. That always works better than 'You can't handle the truth'."

1. Older people get Fake News Concerning CV-19.

Fake News Report: A high percent of CV sick/dead people are old.
Appropriate report: What percent of old people get sick/dead.
Example: Of people
≥ 75, What percent get sick/dead? My guess, very small. I am 77.

On 3/17 Dr. J Loannidis of Stanford stated that best evidence is fatalities may be 1% or less. 
On 11/1/20 we were over 200,000 dead. This is terrible but a long way from 1% of 330,000,000
 which is 3,300,000.

Good Better Best Predictors of CV Cost

Hospitalization: good     Deaths: better    Surplus Deaths: best
Because High Influenzas Seasons are usually followed by Low Influenzas Seasons the real total cost
 will not be known for a few years.

2. Creating Fake News
Positive News

Missing Information is Often Vital to Communicating Truth.

Early news reports center on Southeast Asian countries
doing better than the West nullifying CV.
Relevant, but ignored, was that Southeast Asian countries
had been devastated early in this century and had
begun preparing for the next time.

3. Some Try to Paint a Rosy CV World










Scott W. Atlas @SWAtlasHoover 11/2

Graph Comment

Some Headline Only Disaster

Relative Fatalities Seldom Reported By US Media

Seldom Reported: US Response Is Typical


Will COVID 19 Created Debt Fake News Mount After the Election?

Central Banks buy government debt which is like an overdraft accounts for the government. This creates money which might cause inflation, but given a recession, it is a worthwhile risk.

These central bank purchases lowers interest rates which lowers debt service cost.
These purchases move government IOUs from private portfolios to languish on a CB
 balance sheet. Acting together, thee may negate debt as a political issue.

Continuing these crisis-fighting methods into a recovery will require a political battle.
 Inflation fear mongering is similar to debt fear mongering.

This summary by W. Antoniotti of the economics of COVID 19 debt is from

Should we be scared of the Coronavirus debt mountain?
by Adam Tooze. Adam also explores the politics federal debt.

We Can't Follow Germany's Highly Socialist Approach

Over the 10 days ending 4/16, the US deaths per million improved
from 7th to 8th among countries with most cases.
Deaths per million is an important though ignored
the best measurement of COVID 19 devastation.


This indicates opening state economies from lockdowns
 should follow a Federalist approach.


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Update 4/18:



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4/7/20  Some Are Optimistic summary of Crucial Facts About Covid-19
By J. D. Agresti 3/3120 Updated 4/6/20

 from Dr. Brett Giroir



4/2 Oxford Model assumes many early infected immune people.
It projects less hospital stress and fewer deaths.


Imperial Model assumes fewer early infected immune people.
 leading to the opposite results.


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