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The Math Behind Social Distancing

1-billion years of tectonic plate movement

7 Social Sins- Gandhi

8 Theory of Relativity Real Life Depictions

9 Trickiest Riddles Ever With Answers

11 Greatest Mathematical Equation

50 State Name Origins

2020 Mars Rover Launches in Summer

Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics

Isn’t Mother Nature spectacular?  video

Ocean Cleanup  video

Glass Octopus video

Salamander Embryo Grow-Up video

Solar System Objects 55 sec video

Spectacular Mother Nature Video

Speed of Light Pictured in Slow Motion

Star Walk 2

The expanding universe 5 min video

True Size of Countries

Who First Discovered Ameri

Wiki Junior Solar System   


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Go to History, Government and Poltics
Life Science Concepts, Middle School
NASA’s Aerial Polar Ice Expands Its Arctic Reach

NASA Earth Observatory

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Physics, Basic--CK12
Basic Physics II,
Physics, Honors
Physics, Motion Mountain Adventure
Light and Matter--CLRN by Dr. B Crowell

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Probability/Statistic Probability and Statistics--CK12
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Probability Introduction to --CLRN
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Probability and Statistics--AP
Probability and Statistics (AP)

Relativity and Relativity 2

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Sea Levels Rising
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4 Exponents, Roots, Algebra, Geometry

5 Using Formulas to Solve Problems

6 Multi-Step Word Problems

7 Graphs, Signed Numbers, Statistics, Probability, Measurement


Complete Solutions

Worksheets for Pre Algebra Mathematics


Practice Problems 
are numbered to pretest so a student
that misses pretest 27 needs mathpp27 

1 Quick Steps For Passing A Mathematics Test     
2 Whole Numbers     3 Fractions 
 4 Decimals-Ratio-Rates-Proportions Percents     
5 Exponents, Square Roots, Algebra, Geometry

 6 Formula Review    7 Using Formulas to Solve Problems 
 8 Multi-step Word Problem   9 Graphs, Signed Numbers, Statistics, Probability, Measurement

Algebra I--CK12

A First Course in Linear Algebra--CLRN

Financing a Fiat application problem

Advanced Algebra 2-- CLRN 

Linear Algebra -- CLRN by Paul Dawkins 

Linear Algebra --CLRN by Jim Hefferon

Basic Geometry--CK12 

Geometry By Grade--CK


Trigonometry --CLRN by Michael Corra

Precalculus from CNX 


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Mathematics and SPSS Review  
A Taxonomy of Statistics   
A Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics

Formula Reviews 
Descriptive Statistics   Probability, The Basis for Inferential Statistics   
Inferential Statistics
Executive Summary of Inferential Statistics   Correlation and Regression

 Basic Practice Problems    Categorizing Statistics Problems helps with formula selection.

Problems in Excel
Descriptive Statistics  Answers   Probability  Answers 

Inferential Statistics

Hypothesis Testing and Answers plus 3 Statistics Tests with Answers for   Descriptive Statistics, Probability, and Hypothesis Testing

and Statistics Go Well Together and are can be important for success.






Psychology pdf


Concise History of Christianity

Concise History of Hinduism

Concise History of Islam
Concise History of Judaism

The Gospel According to Matthew audio   video
Luther's American Legacy
Growth of Religious Toleration
dom of Religion Began in 1636

Anatomy, Facts & Functions
Biology Crash Course 1 of 40
Biology CK12
Biology I--CK12
Biology I Workbook--CK12
Biology I - -Honors DT3 --CLRN
Chemistry Grade 10 [CAPS]
Chemistry Engin.: Intro. for High School--CK12
Concept Development Studies in Chemistry

Engineering Problems with Matlab
Fun Science Fun
Nano Science Student Problems--CK12s

Earth Science Grades 6-9 CK
Earth Systems Earth Sci. Grades 9-10
Earth Science-HS-- CK12
Earth Science HS- - CA DTI 3

Global Seed Vault

Social Science

American Government 

American History-Turning Points in

American History Readings

American Nations:
11 Rival Colonial Cultures of NA

Christianity: A Concise History of

Economics, American    

Economics AP Videos

Economic History-Modern Western Civilization

Economics Notes with Links

Economic Test Review Notes


Econometrics for Honors Students

Government/Politics- PBS Course, One of Many

History Audio Books

Industrialization-Global Perspectives on

Political Controversies

Political Economy Historical Summaries

Presidential Election Issues


History, Government and Poltics

Preface:  The American Nation Today A Cultural Explanations

   1. Don't Know Much About History

   2. Turning Points   

3. Our Growing Constitution    

 4. Presidents    

5. Concise Studies   

 6. 20th Century   

7. US Politics  

8.  21st Century Geopolitics


1. Don't Know Much About History America's Story 
 Kenneth C. Davis, summary by W. Antoniotti 4/18/19


Part 1 Building a Nation

1. Brave New World

2. So You Want a Revolution

3. Constitution to Manifest Destiny

4. Civil War/Reconstruction

5. Empire Grows: Wild West to WW1

6. Boom, Jazz, Depression, WW 2

7. Hot/Cold War, Race Relations

Part 2
"the" World Leader

8. Camelot, Vietnam, Race Riots

9. Evil Empire, Evil Axis, Century Ends

10. Trump's New Political Era

11. Political Economy Book Summaries

12. More History Stuff

2. Turning Points in Our Democratic Federal Republic
from audio course of Professor E. T. O'Donnell, summarized and reordered by W. Antoniotti 

Part 1 The Colonial Period
1. The Great Small Pox Epidemic of 1617

2. 1619 Began Representative Democracy and Slavery

3. Freedom of Religion Began in 1636  

4. All Immigrates Welcomed

By 1654 New Amsterdam

5. 1676 King Philip's War Began 

Centuries of Indian Removal

6. 1735 Zenger Trial Begins Press Free Press

Part 2 Growing a Democratic Republic
7. 1773 Boston Tea Party Begins a Process

8. A Hesitant Reluctant 1776 Nation Seeks Freedom

9. The French Save the Day

10. 1786 Shays' Tax Rebellion Leads to a Constitution

12. 1800 Sees First Peaceful Democratic Power Transfer

13. Marshal Creates a Third Separate Power

15. Who Are We of We the people?

23. Who Protects Unalienable 1866 Rights of Whom?

25. The 1870's Take Away Unalienable Rights

33. 1930's Government Safety Net Deficits, Like War Deficits, Attracts Many

42. 1973 Finally Brings a Faster Track Civil Rights

Part 3 Growing a Nation

11. A 1789 Brain Drain Begins US Industrial Revolution

14. A Transportation Revolution for a Growing Nation

20. Mexican War of 1846, Growth Becomes Manifest Destiny

28. 1898 War With Spain Means Manifest Destiny Rides Again

Part 4 Protecting a Divided Nation

1862 Antietam

1873 Ending Reconstruction

27 Haymarket Square 1887, Labor Setback

1919 Red Scare See Terror Since 1900

1939 Eisenstein's Bomb Letter 1948 Berlin Airlift

1969 Disaster Creates Environmentalism

1989 Russia's Collapse End of Cold War

2001 Terror Begins







3. Our Growing Constitution 

3. Our Growing Constitution

US Constitutional History
Magna Carte to Trump's SC Battle

Constitutional History of the US
From Jamestown to Selma, Alabama

Coding Law and the Financial Crisis

Conservatism vs. Progressivism

Readings   Epilog

US Political Economy

 U.S. Political Economy Basics

Political Economy Handbook

Politics and Government Course

Political Economy Course


4. Presidents

1. Presidential Courage
Brave Leaders
 ... Changed America 1789-1989
By Michael Beschloss

1. Building a Nation  G. Washington  

A. Jackson   J. Adams   A. Lincoln  

T. Roosevelt

Guiding the World
FDR   H. Truman   JFK    R. Reagan

2. U.S. Presidents Part 1 and Part 2
  videos- picture and very brief bio

4. More Book Reports
Thomas Jefferson

The Art of Power 2012  J. Meacham
American Dynasty 
K. Phillips,

Second Chance 
Three Post Cold War Presidents and
the Crisis of America Superpower

Z. Brzezinsk

Bush Family Business Oil Dynasty
Was Bush Family Trump
Without Rough Edges?

Why Trump Won
 A Chronology of Our Latest President


3. Rating U.S. Presidents
4 Presidential Policies That Are Destroying The Nation
10-Worst Presidents
Military Decisions Adams to Obama  
Pass/Fail Analysis of Recent Presidents

Historians Judge Our Presidents
Pardons    Scandals    Crimes, Post WW2

4. Sundry

How Early Presidents Shaped the Nation's Top Office


19th Amendment-Women Vote Timeline

9/11 Attack on America

Abortion History

American Nations

American Unions


American Presidents

U.S, Colonial Political Leaders

Modern Analysis of Political Leaders

Political Economy Leader

Hispanic Americans Who Made History


Capitalism Not to Blame for Middle-Class Plight

Conservatism vs. Progressivism

COVID19 A Concise History

Decades Ranked by Problems

Economic Growth


Gag Rule

Immigration-History of

Indian Wars: A History

Mayflower Compact: Foundation for American Democracy

Military Battles. Obscure

Philippine–American War

Political Conventions-

Recessions, Most Severe US

Recession, Great

Great Recession: Historical Perspective

Seat Belt Laws

Socialism: A Concise History

US History-Concise


Rating U.S. Presidents

4 Presidential Policies That Are Destroying The Nation

Military Decisions Adams to Obama

Pass/Fail Analysis of 20th Century Presidents

Historians Judge Our Presidents

10-Worst Presidents



Independent Investigations
Crimes of Post WW 2 Presidents

War on Terror 
U.S. Terror  Since 1900

Terrorism Against the West 1975-2015

30 Years of Mass Shootings

The Art of War

Taxing the Rich

Will Inflation/Growth Solve the Deficit Problem?

Will Debt Bring Down U.S. Capitalism?


History Collection

Recent Decades Ranked by Problem

 20th Century Education

U.S. Wars  

Gun Violence Affects Police


7. US Politics

1. Elections and Important Events

2. The Rest of the Story
1) 1788-1824
Founding Fathers and England's Political Influence Ends
South Has Some Success in Controlling Northern Business Interests

2) 1828-1852 Federalism vs. State's Right

3) 1856-1892 Civil War, Northeast Control, Gilded Age Wealth
Built on the Backs of Poor, Women and Children

4) 1896-1928 Progressive Populism Ends the Gilded Age
Business Power Returned After WW I.

5) 1932-2012 Safety Net Created and Expanded Flip Flops
Continue as
Political Polarity Increases

Trump's New Political Era?

2. Party Politics Forge Events

1788-1824    1828-1852    1856-1892 

1896-1928    1932-1972    1976-2012 

4. Sundry

Political Ideology: Crash Course-Government &Politics 1 of Many

Our Democratic Federalist Republic

Political Book Reviews

Founding Fathers Opinions of Political Parties

5. Six Presidential Campaign Slogans That Fell Flat


  How Sparta Trained Boys Into Fierce Warriors

Indian Wars: A History

Military Battles. of Philippine–American Wa

Weather Center

Abnormal Weather Events-U.S. History
Abnormal U.S. Weather Events 2

January-Earths Closest Approach to Su
Big Meltdown
Family Fun: Cold-Weather Experiments
La Nina Roars, Unleashing Fire, Drought
and Floods Worldwide

Academic Videos

Visual Learners8/20/23



Academic Videos

Arts and Humanity
10 Things to do in ROME 7 min
12 Stoic Lessons 20 min
60 film noir movies
576 Free Art Books-Metropolitan Museum of Art
20-21st-century Art
Acting Monologue, Greatest
Alpha Male 9 min
Art History

Beatles Documentary
4  min
Brain, Playing-Music Instrument Helps
Bob Dylan's Musical, Literary World 4 videos
Drugs Use by Ancient Greeks &Romans 6 m
Human Understanding Essay Lock-2 4 m
Jealousy 9 min
Louvres Art Collection
Millennial' 9 min
Music and Theater Arts
Paradise Lost Hell & Heaven Within Us 9 min
Quotes, Greatest 5 m
Quotes, Influential People 5
Roman Forum Guided Tour

Stoicism 7 m
Stoic Lessons to Change Your Life 20
Taj Mahal Virtual Tour many pictures
White Rabbit” (1967)
2 short videos
CV-19 Latest Data
How Does the mRNA Vaccine Work
How Covid-19-Vaccines Created Quickly
Behavioral Genetics
Dolphin Conservations & Whale
Anatomy & Physiology HS Level
Human Anatomy Lectures
Behavioral Biology Lectures Stanford

Temple Grandin

Transgenders 13 min
Understanding Transgenders
Understanding Fragile Millennial
Understanding Alpha Males

Children's Videos

A Christmas Carol
The Little Prince

Learning English
Animated History of Writing
47 min
Making a Visual Daily Diary
Documentary Films
Psychology  History  Politics  Religion  Tech

Free Audio Books Popular Downloads

The King James Bible

Huckleberry Finn by  Mark Twain

Classic Short Stories

Emma Austen

History-U.S. American Wars
King Philip's War 1675-76
British-American War of 1812
13 min
Mexican-American War 1846-48 1
7 min
Gettysburg Address
Spanish-American War 1898
12 min
US in Afghanistan
9 min
37 min
Kahn Academy 6 Am Hist Videos 15-20
Charles Austin Beard
1. Colonial Period 9 min
2. American Revolution 137
3. Foundations of a Union 205
4. Jacksonian Democracy 195
5. Sectional Conflict & Reconstruction 176
Growth and World Politics 69
7. Progressive Democracy & War 268

World History-W&A Durant

Lessons of History 9 min summary
The Lessons of History 193

The Story of Civilization  263
History of the World 100 Objects 700
Epicurus 28
Reformation 115 min
Renaissance 150 min
Queen Elizabeth 139

Beethoven 66
Napoleon 80
Medieval History
Absolute History

1984 Summary
Discussion 32 tapes
1984 TV Presentation 107 min
A Christmas Carol 194 min audio
A Tale of Two Cities audio many units
Animal Farm Summary 6 Movie 125
Atlas Shrugged A Rand 7 Movie 101
Catcher In The Rye Audio 27 units summary
Dante's Inferno Summary
Dante's. Inferno. Animated movie  88
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 154
Handmaidens Tale, The 11 hr
Huckleberry Finn Many 10-15 min chapters
Lord of the Flies summary  Movie   Audiobook
Loving Vincent-Making the Movie
Moby Dick; H Melville audio 24 hrs
Secret World of Henry, The audio 136
Uncle Tom's Cabin 8 min    part 2  part 3
Sherlock Holmes Stories
5 audios
"Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"
Non Fiction
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reight 8 hrs
Nietzsche, Nazis, National Socialism 3 hrs

Science Fiction  Asimov

Foundation Trilogy 8 audios
Nightfall 27 min audio
The Last Question


For More Visit 
Smithsonian Open Access and

Audio Books

Advanced Military Technology in Action

How Sparta Trained Boys Into Fierce Warriors
Indian Wars: A History
Military Battles. of
Philippine–American War

A Psalm of Life 3 min
The Road Not Taken by Frost
If by Kipling
Oh Captain! My Captain by Whitman
Your Life is Your life: Go All the Way by C Bukowski

Inspirational poetry

Psychology: Crash Course 41 videos

Algebra. Pre    Algebra   Trigonometry   Geometry  
Calculus  The Riemann Hypothesis, Explained

Behavioral Science Statistics   
Statistic-Excel    Minitab    SPSS    TI-84
Statistics Lab Manual-spreadsheet    TI-84 Instructions

Map of Computer Science
Algebra. Pre    Algebra   Trigonometry   Geometry  
Calculus  The Riemann Hypothesis, Explained

Behavioral Science Statistics   
Statistic-Excel    Minitab    
SPSS    TI-84
Statistics Lab Manual-spreadsheet    
TI-84 Instructions


Gospel According to Matthew Audio Movie
Dante's Divine Comedy 
Dante's Divine Comedy Illustrated

The Prophet    Rumi

Will & Ariel Durant
Judea  121 min
Buddha BBC 43 min video
Confucianism Khan Academy 10 min video
Confucius 88 min video Odyssey

Jesus 57 min<
St. Augustine 354-430 44 min
Muhammad and The Qur'an 93 min
The Reformation 144min
John Calvin
88 min


7 Wonders Panoramas
2020's Biggest Breakthroughs in Physics
Frissiras Museum

Google Earth
Mount St. Helens 360
Climate Science
Virtual Tour of the Moon
Solar System Images 12 min video

Behavioral Science
Social Sciences
Using Excel

Using TI-84
Excel Statistics
loads into Excel
Psychology: Crash Course
41 videos



How Sparta Trained Boys Into Fierce Warriors

Indian Wars: A History

Military Battles. of Philippine–American Wa



Abnormal Weather Events-U.S. History

Abnormal U.S. Weather Events 2

January-Earths Closest Approach to Su
Big Meltdown
Family Fun: Cold-Weather Experiments
La Nina Roars, Unleashing Fire, Drought
and Floods Worldwide


By Title

Crime and Punishment Dostoevsky

David Copperfield C Dickens

Down & Out in Paris % London Orwell

Dracula Stoker

Erewhon Butler

For the Term of His Natural Life Clarke

Frankenstein Shelley
Frankenstein Museum video

Great Expectations Dickens

Grimms Fairy Tales Grimm

Gulliver's Travels Swift

Huckleberry Finn Twain

Heart of Darkness Conrad

Jane Eyre Bronte

Kidnapped Stevenson

Little WomenAlcott

Madame Bovary Flaubert

Middlemarch Eliot

Moby Dick Melville

Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboard Conrad

Notes from the Underground Dostoevsky

Of Human Bondage Maugham

Oliver Twist Dickens

Paradise Lost Milton

Updated 09/29/21 for suggestions 

Pollyanna Porter

Pride and Prejudice Austen

Robinson Crusoe Defoe

Sense and Sensibility Austen

Sons and Lovers Lawrence

Huckleberry Finn Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Twain

The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky

The Great Gatsby

The Hound of the Baskervilles Doyle

The Idiot Dostoevsky

The Iliad Homer

The Island of Doctor Moreau Wells

The Jungle Book Kipling

The Last of the Mohicans Cooper

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Irving

The Odyssey Homer

The Adventures of Robin Hood Pyle

The Metamorphosis Kafka

The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde

The Prince Machiavelli

The Scarlet Pimpernel Orczy

The Three Musketeers Duma

The Trial by Franz Kafka

The War of the Worlds Wells

Treasure Island Stevenson

Ulysses Joyce

Classic Authors

Dickens, Charles

Twain, Mark

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir

Austen, Jane

Carroll, Lewis

Shakespeare, W

Verne, Jules

Wilde, Oscar

Thomson, Arthur



Wells, H. G.

Stevenson, R



Burton, Sir

Doré, Gustave

Poe, Edgar Allan

Dumas père, A

Joyce, James

Tolstoy, Leo, graf

Hugo, Victor

Grimm, Jacob

Grimm, Wilhelm

Conrad, Joseph

Burroughs, Edgar Rice


Lang, Andrew

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang

Bhide, Shivaram

Indrajit, Bhagavanlal

Nietzsche, Friedrich
Dante Alighieri
Sunzi 6th cent. B.C.
Litchfield, Frederick
Sayce, A. H.
Rackham, Arthur
McClure, M. L.
Stoker, Bram )
Chesterton, G. K.
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor
Hubbard, Elbert
Eliot, George
Beard, Charles A
Beard, Mary Ritter
Wodehouse, P. G.
Balzac, Honoré de
Defoe, Daniel
Kipling, Rudyard
Melville, Herman
Alcott, Louisa May
Jowett, Benjamin
Cervantes S
Nichols, J. Lawrence
Darwin, Charles
Landor, A H

Jefferis, B. G.  


Guttenberg Classics
A Christmas Carol-Charles Dickens

The Outline of Science, J. Thomson

RenaissanceCulture, P. Jacob

Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen

Alice in Wonderland -Carroll

Huckleberry Finn- Twain   16 to 100


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Education Change

Changing Education Paradigms 
is an 11 minute video from the Royal
Society or the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.  It is the most significant analysis of Western education
 I've encountered since I began teaching in 1966.

5 Bad Education Assumptions the Media Keeps Recycling Were

 Number Umpteenth the Myth of Lagging US Schools

Homework an Unnecessary Evil 
Surprising Findings
 from New Research

Educational Observations
of Academic, Political, Business and Economic Leaders Provide the Key to Educational Improvement

The Long Shadow of Race, Class and Privilege in Baltimore 1 of 5 by Karl L. Alexander the Chair and John Dewey Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University


Reflections of a Life-Long Teacher       

Reforming Education
Educating the Class of 2035 is based upon
Proposed Education Axioms and Postulates.

Rare Books   



healthy eating habits that work_2016



Visual Learners


Health and Lifestyle source



The problem

What you can do

There has been a crime or someone is at immediate risk of harm.

Call 911.

Someone is feeling hopeless, helpless, thinking of suicide.

Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Site exit disclaimer online or at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The toll-free call goes to the nearest crisis center in our national network. These centers provide 24-hour crisis counseling and mental health referrals.

Someone is acting differently than normal, such as always seeming sad or anxious, struggling to complete tasks, or not being able care for themselves.

Find a local counselor or other mental health services

The Mental Health and Addiction Insurance Help consumer portal prototype can help consumers get to the correct resource to solve their Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder insurance coverage issue.

A child is being bullied in school.


Contact the:

  1. Teacher
  2. School counselor
  3. School principal
  4. School superintendent
  5. State Department of Education

See more on working with the school.

The school is not adequately addressing harassment based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or religion.


Get Help Now


Bullying is a Problem


Who is at Risk

Warning Signs

Stop Bullying on the Spot

Find Out What Happened

Support Kids Involved



Career Guidance Source


College Helps Some

Source College Access is About Guidance as Well as Money

Example Using author/editor Mr. A from Choosing a College and Major




1 p1 page printing          

 Reading Helps Many

The Twenty Most Popular Books Throughout History


Sea Levels Rising




Free Quick Notes


Pre Algebra Mathematics Reviews


Economics Accounting



Career Basics

Health and Lifestyle

Healthy Dieting


Underground Railroad-Stories of the

U.S. Democratic Federalist Republic and
more readings & videos

U.S. Government, Ben's Guide: 9-12 

U.S. History - Basic Mobile e-books

U.S. Terror Episodes Since 1900

U.S. History - Advance

World History video 19 min.

U.S. History  advance audio from LibriVox
Search archives Charles A Beard
Paper version is easily searchable by topic.

Specificity Collections

Classic e-books includes audio

College Arts and Sciences 

College Business 


Mobile e-books includes audio

Modern Fiction e-books     

Search for Fiction by author and title