Free Republic Determinates

Taxonomy of Democracy

Conservatives    Progresses

Today's Conflict

Developing a Federal Government

Fundamental Constitutional Divide

1. a liberal commitment to minimal government
2. a civic, republican, democratic commitment
    to funding the community with the political
    power to enhance political participation
3. a conservative state and moral community
4. a pluralisti, mostly voluntary civil society.

Editor/Author Walter Antoniotti


Republic is a free, equal, self-ruling people.
Democracy requires majority rule
because people disagree.
Possible limits on democracy or majority rule
1. Majority may elect representatives to pass laws.
. Guarantees of individual rights for all, including minorities
3. A constitution that limits what governments can do to minorities
Classical Liberalism Characteristics
high degree of individual liberties and a free-market economy
constitutional limits to government power and restrictions on individual freedom of landowners. Source:

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Japan and South Korea
 collective harmony.

Western Europeans
Social Democratic Position

prioritizing the common good.

UK, Canada, Australia
and New Zeeland
 Western Middle
United States
individualistic Neoliberal orientation.

as see through the eyes of George Will

Conservative Sensibility

"We hold these truths to be self-evident,
that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain
unalienable Rights
, that among these are
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
. —
That to secure these rights,
Governments are instituted among Men,
deriving their just powers
 from the consent of the governed..." 

as see
through the eyes Golin Woodard
American Nations
A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America

"We the People of the United States,
in Order to form a more perfect Union,
establish justice
, insure domestic Tranquility,
provide for the common defense,
promote the general Welfare
and secure the Blessings of Liberty
to ourselves and our Posterity,
do ordain and establish this Constitution
for the United States of America."

American Conservatism

Preserve the Founders Thinking
as custodians of the classical liberal tradition.

Rights are natural. They preexist acts of human will and can not be nullified by such acts. Therefore if rights are natural, so to is government limited and government's main purpose is to "secure these rights."

Human nature is permanent and statesmanship is to develop a political system that is conducive to and in accord with the nature of humans.

Classical Liberalism is called Conservatisms in United States.

The creative arena of human affairs is society which is distinct from government whose proper function is to protect life/liberty primarily for the individual's private pursuit of happiness., it is the Jeffersonian spirit of Democratic.

Modern Conservatism Goals

1. Task is to Warn of what is perishable among the freedoms/liberty
    granted in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution
    arising from the political appetite for immediate gratification
    of unlimited wants of the American People

2. Core Purpose is to reconnect society with the Principles of the Founding,
    this was the radical worry and Core Purpose of Abe Lincolns political life

2. Radical Worry is the causal relationship between post new deal
    government power/ambitions and the fraying of the culture while
    progressive worry about economic/material distributive justice.

Source: Conservative Sensibility   See The conservative sensibility video

Tension Between Dynamics of Economic Appetites
and a Need for Political and Economic Discipline

This is the cultural contradiction/consequence of capitalism.

Our Republic's most pressing task is to demonstrate that the political habits of restraint and moderation are compatible with an economic and cultural ambience of a free society.

Success is dependent on the political habits
related to self-reliance and self-restraint.
The virtues required for self government are
the political habits related to self-reliance and self-restraint


American Progressivism
Everything is in flux with various human natures. Human nature that is always in a state of becoming and statesmanship is the understanding and directing of shaping forces.

New Deal Progressivism of FDR saw society changing with the industrial revolution. A Progressive, he believed in a changing human nature. He expanding government beyond providing conditions for perusing happiness to providing economics rights to supplement Political Rights.

Determining the final arbiter is always contested. Men say it's them, Relegion say it's God. Who is the final arbiter on economic rights? For now it is the Supreme Court

Managerial Progressives of the 1960's believed policy elite managers would direct government operations from above and end the business cycles. 

Progressivism Required Capitalist Pay Their Liabilities
arising from a dependency on manageable social conditions.
Reforms included:
Agencies for trust-busting;
Income tax (Sixteenth Amendment);
Direct election of senators
Votes for women
Welfare enhancements: Eight-hour work day, minimum wage, worker’s compensation, and social insurance for the elderly, disabled, and unemployed

Forms of Welfare Capitalism
Liberal model:
safety net for the poor, disabled and elderly individuals
Christian Democratic Community occupational benefits to households
Social democratic Nordic model has comprehensive universal services to all.

Conflicting complex values of equality and liberty cause laissez-faire capitalists, progressives, and socialists to be in a continuing state of turmoil

Types of Equality
1. Civic equality
before the law.
2, Outcome equality requires some kind of socialism.
3. Opportunity equality attempts to uses education,
    health care ... to eliminates birth-status advantages 
Concepts of liberty
1. A positive notion of liberty as 1) self-determination,
2) fulfillment of purposes or actualization of potentialities
are used to justify communal or governmental
    adjustment of the outcomes of the free market.
2. A negative notion of liberty as absence of coercion
    connects with less government
Source: The Modern Political Tradition: Hobbes to Habermas

Today's Conflict: 
Conservatives want the Founder's Thinking Preserved.

Progressives want
to direct
society's shaping forces
social engineering.

Society's choice for final arbiter is always contested.

Men say it's them.
Relegiouse say it's God.
Who is the final arbiter
on economic rights?

For now it is  the
U.S. Supreme Court


Progressives Want a Democratic Constitution

First Comes Community, then Comes Rights

We the People Viewed as One Group
where majority rules and Judicial Review
are the Community desires.

 20 Democratic states (led by Cali and NY), DC & 6 cities are bringing a case v. Trump admin for failing to combat CO2 emissions. 8/19

Conservatives Want a Republic Connotation

First Comes Rights, Then Comes Community

"We the People" Viewed as Individuals
where a majority can a lose to minorities if
Judicial Review determines
an action impedes a fundamental right.

A few years Back, 26 Republican states sued the Obama administration over its Clean Power Plan, 8/19

Editor's Note: Mr. Will beliefs are base on the Premise that the US was founded to protect Individual Liberty from a central government. True if you ignore it was organized by business Oligarch who did not want taxes and government regulation. 8/15/19 During the first decade the new nation had northern business Oligarchs hurt by a lack of consistent rules concerning law and commerce. So they wrote a constitution to help business. Liberty was excluded but added as the Bill of Rights. Slavery was used by the South to limit government. Our constitution created goals to enhance community. Politics is not justt protecting liberty or limiting government. Enhancing community toward majority desires with the SC protecting liberty is important.

Developing a Federal Government

A Brief US Political History Defining Federal Problem Problem Disposition
From the Founding to Civil War Legitimacy in Relations to States Superior
Civil War to New Deal Power Limits to Federal Operations None
New Deal to Recently Meet Needs of all Constituencies Deficits Do Not Matter
Today Making Appropriate Collective Long-term Choices Voters Not Interested in Delayed Gratification
In response to Hamilton's desire for national direction of economic development, Madison foresaw an Administrative state which would

damage Federalism by claiming responsibilities belonging to state and local governments.

The resulting increase in new responsibilities would then limit the affect of separation of powers moving power from legislative branch to the executive department. 

Thoughts from James .Q. Wilson, American academic, political scientist, and an authority on public administration
as reported by George Will in The Conservative Sensibility.

Political Control Taxonomy


in Charge

Eastern Federalist

Jefferson's Flexible

Republicanism of Gilded Age Oligarchs Progressive
1920's FDR  Progressivism
National Liberalism

International Progressivism
Libertarian  Globalization

Looking for Next Conesus



Libertarian Community
Statism Libertarians Laissez Fare Individualism People > Property Laissez Fair

Depressed, Aggressive, Hostile
Social Engineering

Morning in America
Global and Financial

Crisis Hamilton-Jefferson Shenanigans

Business Oligarch Excesses

Capitalism Crisis 1

Oligarchs Regroup

Capitalism Crisis  2

  National Liberal Order

Swing Vote Battle Among   
1. Deep  South
Hierarchal Libertarians     2. New-Left Social Libertarians
Christian Rights Social Collectivism   4. Dixie-Led Democratic Leadership Council Triangulated Neo Liberalism

Judicial Supervision Difficulties of Democracy

Counter Majoritarian Difficulty

In U.S. Federalism, Governing is Divided between the Sate Government and the Federal Government
Federal Government Responsibilities are divided among three branches: Legislature, Executive and the Supreme Court
Legislative Power is divided between the democratic House and aristocratic Senate.
Founders Hoped Separation of Powers Would Control Democratic Majority Factions.

Declaration of Independence

Goal: Secure Unalienable Rights

Affirmed Natural Right of the Individuals

Implies Democracy

Limits to Majority Rule

United States Constitution

Purpose: Define Constructed Rights of the Community

to Make Laws the Majority Deems Necessary and Proper.



Created Tension

Majority Rule is Limited and Moderated
 by the Constitution

Joining a community requires giving up a share of liberty and Supreme Court must protect the natural rights of  liberty.

The Legislature writes the laws, the Executive administers laws
 and the Supreme Court protects Unalienable Rights.

Editor's Take:

The Constitution was Designed to put checks and Balances on Majority Rule.
As time as passed, the fear of anarchy from majority rule has lessened.

Making economic wellbeing  "a right" has created a second major government responsibility.
This creates the potential for conflict with
securing natural rights.

The Supreme Court, the final arbiter on natural rights.
It settles conflicts between competing natural rights or between natural rights and community rights.
Should protecting natural rights be the ultimate goal?

economic wellbeing sometimes be more important?

George Will wants to limit the scope of federal government activities.
Golin Woodard wants to balance individual, community, and governmental goals.

Is government too influential.
Would required c
ost effectiveness help limit constitution and government growth?
Would eliminating federal grants to states make U.S. more Federalists?

Make These Changes Make Supreme Court Decisions More Tolerable?
Could Libertarians, Conservatives and Social Democrats Unit Around Cost Effectiveness?


Appendix: Appropriate Foreign Policy

Realism: Security Requires Power
from The Return of Marco Polo's World
Robert D. Kaplan

1. Realists trace the history of their ideas back through classical antiquity, beginning with Thucydides.

2. Interstate conflict caused by
    a. human nature- Classical realists
    b. anarchic state system dynamics- neorealists
    c. both- neoclassical see
security maximize power and influence with domination and hegemony

Progressive Liberalism: Security Requires Cooperation

Realist View of Trump's Foreign Policy

Analysis Realists Progressives Realist View of Trump's Foreign Policy


Sensibility rooted in the tragic

Based on caution and Unpleasant Historical Truths

Strategy bases on historic vision Having no sense of history, no mature sense of the tragic.

He feels no responsibility to allies and as the defender of the West.

Human Nature driven by fear, self interest, and honor

Moderation should guide
  Trump is post-literate having taken an end run around books to the digital age
where nothing is vetted, content is absent, an lies proliferate.
Order comes before freedom

Self-interest before values

Status quo can be valuable
Obsessed with Vision

Very Internationalist

Draw backs of status quo
Wants Upheaval in International System based on Trade Wars

Mexico's affect on immigration

Undermining NATO

Advantageous of Balance of Power to National Interest

TPP is a stake in the region, value could follow interest
and help curtail China's overbearing influence

  Putin has upset BOB from Central Europe through Middle East
Recent Military Actions Action Result Today Final Grade
Vietnam War Lost with withdrawal Thriving Gentleman's C After mistakenly getting involved, we eventually left

Credibility cost 20,000 dead, Won Cold War, Russia still Confrontational

Iraq War Won with Occupation Draw F All aspects of operation except for destruction of Iraq's military were disastrous  
Afghanistan War Trying to Withdraw Draw D but need a final exam After mistakenly getting involved, we are still there Trump pullout earns a C/B
Libby Air Strikes Success, Gddafi Out Chaos C Little ventured, little gained  
Syria Avoidance Return to Tribal Rule Chaos A Beginning to understand our limitations