Major Political Economic Events 1900 - 2019


Prelude to U.S. Hegemony
Social Change Begins in earnest 1900-
19th Century Ended
with Monarchs in control, liberal economic thought expanding.
1900-09  A severe recession brings the need for a government take-over of central banking
1910-19 FED becomes Lender of Last Resort, few labor gains, war, 1st Red Scare
1920-29 Recession, then Wall Street dominate, Probation, 19 Amendment
1930-39 Great Depression dominates, Keynes Wins, communism affects Western politics


U.S. Hegemony 1940-2019
Part 1 The War Years:
1940-1985 High War and Baby Boomer Demand Caused Strong Economic Growth
1940-1945 WW 2
1945-1985 Cold War
1950-1953 Korean War
1955-1975 Vietnam War/Civil Rights
1970-1985 The Great Inflation
Part 2 The Great Moderation: 1985-2019 
Strong Economy, Geopolitical Stability, Social Turmoil Moderates until
Populism which could could end more than the moderation