Globalization in Perspective
Geopolitics of 20th Century Wars
Post WW 2 International Economic Competitive Adjustments
21st Century Geopolitical Turmoil
Global Economic Growth and the Rise of Populism
U.S. Russia, China, Rivals, Adversaries, Enemies

Understanding China

China's Trade Position

21st Century Geopolitical Options require a Grand Strategy
GZERO Worldwide Threat Assessment

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Globalization in Perspective

Brief History of Western Globalization
Began when the Great Silk Road expanded into Middle East and Europe

Expanded again when Spain built her American Empire

What new about recent expansion is Europe tried to enhance economic wellbeing
by merge cultures and nations into one legal entity.
Successful for 20 years from th fall of the Soviet Union beginning
in 1989 and ending with the 2008 Great Recession.
Gains from Economic union began becoming a zero-sum game.
Economics took a back seat to immigration policies.
Globalization was OK but the Nation State would be the legal entity.
Nations would again peruse their own agendas usually meaning geopolitical turmoil.

Turbulence from America's Fifty Year Populist Cycle Was Back!
Recent History
Mid 19th Century Civil War
Early 20th Century Populist  Movement
Mid 20th Century Counter Culture Movement

Cycle is US Governing Process
At times it is loud and unpleasant
But we work it out.

Current US Political Polarity
Failures well educated, wealthy, experts lost control of economy.
Low income and decreasing status of white working class fueled populist change.
Until society transcends these forces, constitution will continue.

1960's and 70's
The middle America vs. Counter Culture when middle America grew old and
members of the counter culture move on to other causes
Highly productive Digital innovation replaced aging transportation industries.

Today, we wait for AI or genetic medicine or ... to ignite world economy

Source: George Friedman on Wrath and Political Polarization 15 min video


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