Geopolitics Liberal Democracies in Peril?

1. Global Economic Growth and the Rise of Populism
Experts: Mark Blyth, Adam Tooze, Francis Fukuyama, Steve LeVine, Samir Gandesha, Michael Sandel  2/18/19

2. U.S. Russia, China: Rivals, Adversaries, Enemies
Kevin Rudd, Ian Bremmer, Jeffrey Tayler

3. Understanding Xi's China
Expert Kevin Rudd

4. Creating a New Geopolitical Order
Experts George Friedman, Geopolitical Forecaster
Peter Zeihan geopolitical strategist 

Compiler W. Antoniotti 2/19/19

1. Global Economic Growth
and the Rise of Populism

1-1. Post WW 2 Economic Adjustments

1-2. Neoliberal's Caused Financial Collapse

See Great Recession 3 or 1 pages

1-3. Democracy Failures Caused Latest Popularism

1-4. Understanding Right and Left Populism

1-5. Populism is a Reset Mechanism
See Trump's New Political Era?

2. Russia, China, U. S.
 Rivals, Adversaries, Enemies

Rivals Play by the Same Rules, Adversaries Have No Rules, Enemies Fight
Decision Required!

2-1 American Lies, a Betrayal of Russia?
2-2 China Today and Tomorrow
See Understanding China of Today a required foreign policy primer
2-3Trump's Trade Policy
See 21st Century Free Trade Analysis
Yalta Created a U.S. Managed World


3. Understanding Xi's China
a required foreign policy primer  Kevin Rudd, Foreign Policy Expert

3-1 China's Emerging Political System

3-2 Chinaís World View Determines Strategic Policies

3-3 China's Aggressive Strategic International Plan

3-4 Responding to China: U.S. Strategic Plan

3-5 Future Scenarios

3-6 China's Korean Peninsula Goals

3-7 China's Trade Position

3-8 History of China


4. Creating a New Geopolitical Order

Centuries Always Consist of Eating, Drinking, Loving, Hating

1. Post WW 2 American Led Prosparity and Stability
2. Stability Ends, U.S. Dominance Continues
3. Liberal Foreign Policy Hegemony Ending?
4. A Dangerous Direction!


Prelude: Politics at Yalta

Began a Post War International Political Era

1648 Peace of Westphalia
Sovereignty of participants over their lands, people, and
agents abroad was established.

Broken by European Colonialism

1941 Atlantic Charter 
No spheres of influence, territorial self-determination required

First problem came immediately as Soviets did whatever it took
to keep Communists in charge of Poland.

The US responded with the Truman Doctrine
and actions like the
U.S./Britain sponsored
1953 Iranian Coup.

1. Post WW 2 American Led Prosparity and Stability

1-1 Great Wars Led to New International Order
1-2. Six Weeks That Changed the World
1-3. Nationalism Was Back
1-4 The Future of International Relations
1-5 End of Two Myths


Source The Creation of a New International Order
Dr. George Friedman, Geopolitical Forecaster 20 min video

2. Stability Ends: U.S. Dominance Continues

2-1 Designing a US Foreign Policy
2-2 Friends and Family Plan
2.3 Requirements for Success
2-4 Expected Global Conflicts
2-5 Very Recent Changes

Related Materials
Peter bases his analysis on the US no longer maintaining global order
which only existed to win the now over for 25 years Cold War.

 5. GZERO Worldwide Threat Assessment

As we noted in the Wednesday edition, the US intelligence community
 has released its latest Worldwide Threat Assessment.

Much of the media focus this week has fallen on
President Trumpís criticism of the US intel chiefs,
but letís begin with the report itself. Here are its key findings:

The Trump administrationís trade policies have damaged US interests
by pushing allies to build new relationships with other governments.

ďAt present, China and Russia pose the greatest espionage and cyber attack threats

ISIS isnít finished.

Climate hazards such as extreme weather are intensifying,
threatening infrastructure, health, and water and food security.Ē

North Korea
ďis unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capability.Ē
North Korea has continued nuclear development in some areas
and taken actions that are reversible in others.

Iran continues to support terrorist groups in the Middle East and Europe,
but itís still complying with the terms of the nuclear




America First
Saving Liberal Democracy from FT's M. Wolf
The Far-right Book Russian General Reads

New International Order 20 min video
 Trump's New Political Era?

5. Foreign Policy Options for the 21st Century

Designing U.S. International Strategy by P. Zeihan
Responding to China: A Strategic Plan by K. Rudd
Creating a New International Order by G. Friedman
Trump's Foreign Policy by
T. Wright

See Trump's New Political Era by