US Liberal Foreign Policy Hegemony, A Realist View
Remaking the World in America's Image
from The Great Delusion a talk by John Mearsheimer
Source 21st Century Geopolitical Options

Dimensions     Benefits     Enablers         Formation   
Policy Failures: Past Failures   Failure in Ukraine  
A Failed Hegemony

Dimensions define goals
1. Promote a US look-alike world of liberal democracies.
2. Embed states, especially Russia and China, in the US international order created after WW 2. to fight the Cold War.
    Hook them on capitalism and international dependency.
3. Embed into WTO, IMF, WB. NATO

Benefits were perceived
1.Worldwide inalienable human rights  enhanced by increased liberal democracies.
2.Inhanced world peace expounded by Democratic peace theory which states Democracies do not quarrel.
3. More stability for continuing Liberal democracies.

Enablers allowed development
1. A Transitional World

    From a Post WW 2 Bipolar World requiring a balance of power
    to a US led Unipolar World beginning in the 1990's and expanding toward a Multi-polar managed by US, Russia, and China

2. A Superpower Unipolar World Leader, the US, was a highly ideological crusader nation. 

3. Excess optimism was generated by both historical and recent events.
    Defeated Fascism
    Defeated Communism
    Drove Taliban out of Afghanistan leaving a functioning Karzia led democratic government
    Iraq War

Policy Failures of the Foreign Policy Liberal Hegemony
1. Middle East Bush Doctrine failed to turn  into a Liberal Democracies with increased peace and human rights.
2. NATO and EU expansion into Eastern Europe continually annoyed Russia causing her to begin military
    activities to stop expansion into Georgia (2008) and Ukraine (2014 -2022)
3. Moving China toward liberal democracy failed.
    China did follow the plan and did indeed grow economically, but human rights  changed little and leader Xi JinPing
    began reinforcing Communist ideology.

Failure in Ukraine











What went wrong Liberalism was trumped by Nationalism and Realism