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Today's Video Jordan Peterson on Donald Trump Running for President

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Prelude: Negativity in the Media

Country Issues

Economically Less Dynamic States

Solving the Deficit Problem 

Can We Afford Entitlements


Solving the Lack of Good Jobs

Income Inequality

Middle Income Stagnates

Taxing the Rich

Individual Issues

Economic Wellbeing

Economic Future of Our Children

Are Child & Youth Protected

Prime Age Males 25-54 Work Less

Education Issues

Economics of College

Can Education Reduce Income Stagnation 

Are America's Students Learning Less?

Is Financial Aid Welfare?

International Issues

Russia, China Rivals or Adversaries?

Lost International Greatness

Lost Economic Greatness

 Free Trade Solution or Problem

World Changed and Good Jobs Disappeared

The Problem of Terrorism

Recent Terror Information

Political Economy Videos  2  

 Exorbitant Dollar Privilege

Political Issues

Our Democratic Federalist Republic?     

 Should Tea Party Share Its Debt Tea?   

Is Politics About the Money? 


Against Identity Politics

Why is Poverty Controversial?

Is the Country in Trouble?

Exorbitant Dollar Privilege

Opinion Sites

New Directions

Ideology Curtailing Vital Research

National Priorities Budget Analysis

Quick Notes 2/28/17 Economic News.

Has Capitalism Failed?

Criticism of Modern Capitalism     Elizabeth Warren’s Blames Oligopoly Power but

    Dollar Privilege Predictions    Capitalism and Political Economy Video

Additional Reading


Our Democratic Federalist Republic

Political Economy Readings


Capitalistic Democracy

One-Page History

Economics Textbooks and Supplements

Interesting Stuff

George Mason's Tyler Cowen Tackles Current Economic Issues 48 min Video

Why "Inclusive Capitalism" Is Critical to Our Economic Success  46 min video


Postscript: Overcome Your Negativity Bias

Editor's Note:

Negativity Bias and Confirmation Bias Work Against a Healthy Existence. 

The-Fractured Republic may help understand America's political consternation.

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