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August 10/1/17 Economic Statistics


13 Facts About Wage Growth

Figure 9A. Real Wage Growth, 1981-2017 and Figure 9B. Nominal Wage Growth, 1981-2017

Because Economics is political, inconsistent contradictory economic measurements has resulted in much confusion.

The great inflation of the 1970's made the CPI a less valuable and inappropriate measure
 for calculating wage growth.

Here the conservative Brookings Institutes used unusual methodology to show wages growth has not been stagnate.

During the analysis inflation went from high to average to low making the BLS generated CPI inappropriate.

The inconsistence among academic economists to measure economic activity
has resulted in far right political control and it could cause excessive social stability.

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Leading Indicators


Currency’s Slide Since January Near-Term Upsides
for Manufacturers, Multinationals and the Fed



Consumer Debt All Time High


Household Debt Service Very Low




March rate hike isn't a lock but the odds probably just got better.



Some Feel the Market is Over Valued as GDP Minus Wealth is Rising


Federal Reserve Data Report 6/17